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Why Diversity Matters

Diversity comes in many forms some of which include age, gender, race, religion, disability, and socio-economic background. Creating and fostering a diverse workplace should be high on the agenda for... Read More

Playing the Long Game in the City

Quite a few years back now, when I was still a partner at Clifford Chance, I had the delightful experience of meeting up with some old friends, all women who’d worked their whole adult liv... Read More

Expert Advice

What is Loneliness?

What’s the opposite of loneliness? If we were asked to define loneliness itself we may all come up with a slightly different concept, but we’d all be able to give our own definition. But ... Read More

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Offers and discounts kindly provided by our wellbeing experts for Cityparents members. These offers provide additional support for your mental and physical wellbeing as you balance your pro... Read More

Expert Offers


Bespoke offers for Cityparents members from our expert career speakers. With our members in mind Cityparents is partnering with our top speakers who have graciously put together some special off... Read More

Expert Offers


Special offers and discounts for Cityparents members provided by our expert parenting speakers. Access to these offers provide additional support for your responsibilities at home and include di... Read More

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Alicia Drummond

Founder, Teen Tips. Alicia Drummond is a BACP accredited therapist, parent coach, speaker, author, mother and founder of Teen Tips whose unique online training for school staff and parents focus... Read More

Our Experts

Anita Cleare

Director, Positive Parenting Project. Anita Cleare is a parenting speaker, writer and coach who supports working parents to balance successful careers with being a parent. Her book  The Wor... Read More

Our Experts

Åse Greenacre

Partner, MRT Consultants. Pronounced (aw-se) A Swedish born certified Personal Performance Coach, Parenting coach and qualified Counsellor.  Having lived in various countries, she gain... Read More
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