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Supporting individuals: Cityparents connects over 17,000 professionals across London. Join Us today to access our amazing range of lunchtime events /webinars, expert advice covering careers, wellbeing and parenting, and resources to help you get ahead in your work and home lives. Browse our website to find out more.  
Supporting flexible, inclusive workplaces: Cityworks is a network for professionals in the City seeking to create flexible and inclusive workplaces and influence culture change. Explore the Cityworks website to find out about our workplace-focused expert events, professional networking opportunities, case studies and insights. 
Upcoming Cityparents Events and Webinars

Seminar: Parenting in the Digital Age

Overcoming the challenges of parenting children and young adults in the online world.

28 January
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Cityparents Mentoring Surgery

Part of our Cityparents Mentoring Programme, open to mentors and mentees.

28 January
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Seminar: Understanding Teenagers

Find out how to communicate with teens for the best response.

29 January
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Webinar: Unlocking Your Leadership Potential

Identify the common voices that are holding you back and stop you becoming your true self at work.

30 January
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Latest Stories, News and Expert advice

Expert Advice

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January is a good time to re-energise your mentoring and other career development conversations...

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Cityparents Life: Jonathan Bright

Anna Richards talks to Jonathan Bright whose baby daughter arrived 4 months prematurely in May ...

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Jonathan's blog: Prem - part II

Life with a pretermer baby was hard enough. When our baby arrived at an exceptionally early 24 ...

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