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Cityparents is an award-winning organisation providing expertise and support to over 20,000 working parents in corporate roles. Based in London with a global reach, we offer access to a carefully curated programme of expert-led webinars/seminars, articles, dedicated Covid-19 support and resources - all available online and covering a range of relevant careers, wellbeing and parenting topics. All content and webinars are free for Cityparents members with Full or Online Access. Find out more about What We Offer.
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Webinar: Eating for Hormone Balance and Better Health

How good nutrition habits can support your hormone balance and better overall health.

30 September
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Webinar: How to be a Calmer Parent: What to do When your Kids Push you...

How to keep your cool when your child is misbehaving and not cooperating.

06 October
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Webinar: Managing a Career as a Working Parent

Managing the dual identities of professional and parent.

07 October
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Solo Motherhood

Mel Johnson from The Stork and I talks about her journey to motherhood and her corporate career.

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Expert Advice

How to reduce bias in decision making

Professor Binna Kandola OBE, Business Psychologist explains 5 simple ways.

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Jonathan's blog: Prem Pt 3 - How parents work with children in hospital

Our daughter Isabella was born in May 2019. She was due at the end of August...

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