Cityparents Seminars and Webinars: FAQs

Have a question about Cityparents Webinars and how they work? Please read our FAQ below or contact Jill/one of our team if you need urgent help.

Can I book a place at a seminar or webinar? 

In order to join our seminars and webinars, first you need to register as a member of Cityparents, and then use an access pass to book events.

There are two access pass options: your firm might have a Corporate Access pass enabling all employees with free access to our senimars and webinars (and other online content). Or you can purchase an individual pass. Click here to find out more. 

You can also pay for individual webinars separately, this costs £15 for webinars and £35 for seminars.

I’m having trouble connecting to a Webinar, please help!If you're having any issues connecting to a Webinar, please try the following:

1). Disconnect from the Webinar and try to join again

2). Try using Google Chrome internet browser

3). Call GoToWebinar support on 0800 640 4006

How do I register for a Webinar? The registration process is the same as for a Cityparents seminar – please log into your Cityparents account, and when the webinar opens for booking, please book your place like you would for any other event.  Once you've registered, you will receive a confirmation email from us. Webinar bookings will close 90 minutes prior to the advertised Webinar start time and the link to access the Webinar will be sent at or before this point. Even if you know you cannot attend the Webinar at its 'live' time/date, please register so that we can send you a link to the recorded version. Remember to look out for the confirmation email before the event with the Access Link!

How and when will I receive the Webinar Access Link?  You will receive the Webinar Access Link in advance of the webinar, via email.  We will not publish the link on our website.  Please check your spam/junk email folders and contact us if there is a problem receiving our emails.  Webinar bookings will close 90 minutes prior to the advertised Webinar start time and the link to access the Webinar will be sent at or before this point.

Can I access the Webinar after the event date/time has passed?  Yes, a recorded version of the webinar will be available for 21 days after the live webinar. This will be accessible via a weblink, just like a live webinar, so please look out for our emails, or you can browse our webinar recordings page here

Can I ask questions during the Webinar? Yes, each Webinar will be set up so attendees can ask questions during the live event. During, or at the end of the seminar, just like a live Cityparents seminar, we will take questions from the audience. At the start of each Webinar, the Cityparents host will explain the format for taking questions. If we receive a lot of questions during a Webinar, the speaker may only be able to choose a few of the questions to answer live, so we do apologise if not every question can be answered.  We will also ask questions of the audience – so look out for our polls or Q&A that the speaker will pose to the audience throughout the event.

How do I join the Webinar? You will receive an email with the relevant Webinar links and instructions 48 hours in advance of each event.  Please do look out for these emails as we will not be broadcasting the Webinar live on our website. The sound on Cityparents Webinars is only available through your computer, please have your headphones ready.

Do I need to download any software to make it work? No, we will send you a weblink.  No software needs to be downloaded to your computer or device, just follow the weblink (nice and simple!)

Can I join from a Mac? Absolutely, the Webinar access is via a website, just follow the webpage from any computer or device with an internet connection.

How can I test my microphone is working? When on the webinar page, click Preferences then Audio for help.

How do I ask a question? You will see a question box on your screen - simply enter your question when Q&A begins.  Please note that speakers may leave all questions to the end of the session, and if there are a lot of questions, we may only have time to answer a few.

I can’t find my Access Link, how do I request another?  Please look for emails from Jill/our team that you would have received 48 hours in advance of the event, otherwise please email us and we will help you during the live event.


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