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Becoming a Working Parent

Laura Nakano and Abigail Hadley from Accenture talk to us about the transition to working parenthood. Abby shares her experience of taking parental leave, returning to work and different working patterns and Laura talks about Accenture's Expectant Parents Network and how employers can support their working parent employees.

5th Jul 2021

Eternity Leave

Simon Kettlewell has spent the last 20 years raising and caring for his 4 children. His latest novel 'Eternity Leave' draws on his experience of being the primary care-giver of his children while his partner pursued a senior level career in healthcare. In this episode, Simon talks to us about his book and the issues he has encountered around gender, identity, self-esteem and isolation. He offers his advice to new parents and anyone considering breaking the mould of the more traditional family set-up.

24th May 2021

Struggle: Finding the Light in Darker Times

Productivity specialist and author Grace Marshall talks to us about her new book 'Struggle' and how we can find positives and opportunities in life's more difficult times. She talks about the importance of making mistakes, allowing time and curiosity to grow and learn from them and how we can counter our natural response of fight and fight and find 'the treasure' in our struggles.

10th May 2021

Talking Flexible Working

Helen Beedham talks to Pia Ellis and Mark McMahon, Co-Chairs of HSBC’s FLEX Network about their personal experiences of flexible working and how the FLEX Network is helping to broaden access to flexible working in their organisation. This podcast was originally recorded in Spring 2020 for Cityworks.

30th Mar 2021

Special Needs: Emanuel Syndrome

Anna Richards is joined by Emily Acevedo, an HR Director based in the US and solo mother to Sebastian, who has Emanuel Syndrome. Emily talks to us about her life with him from the diagnosis, its impact on her life and career, day to day living and how she manages as a single parent.

15th Mar 2021

My Career: with Natasha Kaye, Partner, Cooley LLP

Anna Richards is joined by Natasha Kaye. Natasha is coming to the end of serving four years on the firm’s global Board of Directors, is the London Mental Health & Wellbeing partner lead and helps drive the firm’s diversity initiatives, including the Women’s Initiative. Natasha shares some of the turning points that have carved her career and is generous with her insights and storytelling.

27th Jan 2021

Positive Thinking: Career Planning, Motivation and Confidence

As we start the new year under considerable stress imposed by Covid-19, Charlotte Worth an Executive Coach and Learning Facilitator explains how we can use the Positive Method to build self-confidence, re-energise, re-focus and contemplate the future.

9th Jan 2021


Rachel Addis from PWC talks about how she became mother to her two adopted children, including the process of being approved as adoptive parents, how she managed her adoption leave with her employer and how her flexible role helps her to balance her home and professional responsibilities.

7th Dec 2020

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