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Neuroscience and Positive Habits

Anna Richards talks to Dr Jon Finn, the founder and director of Tougher Minds, about how we can apply his insights from neuroscience, behavioural science and psychology to help to build better habits to succeed and thrive in the City of London.

9th Mar 2020


In the latest edition of Cityparents Life, Anna Richards talks to Jonathan Bright, a Content Marketing Manager at finnCap whose baby daughter Isabella arrived 4 months prematurely in May last year. In the podcast, Jonathan explores the rollercoaster of hospitals, emotions and routines that he and his wife juggled over the following 5 months, and how he managed to maintain his professional responsibilities during this extremely distressing time.

21st Jan 2020

Careers, Parenting and Staying Sane

Cityparents' Director Helen Beedham talks to Christine Armstrong, the writer, speaker and business advisor, about being a working parent and her book ‘The mother of all jobs: how to have children and a career and stay sane (ish)'. In the podcast, Christine talks about her own experience of being a working parent with small children and the experience of the many parents she interviewed when writing her book, and shares some tips on how to best balance the many competing pressures.

18th Nov 2019

Children's Mental Health

Anna Richards talks to Dr Brad Reedy, the parenting expert, author and the Owner and Clinical Director of Evoke Therapy Programs, which offers treatment for mental health issues in children and young adults. Brad explores the importance of taking care of our own mental health in order to be a better support for our children as they learn to manage the many pressures and stresses of growing up.

3rd Nov 2019

Happiness and Memory Making

Anna Richards from Cityparents talks to Meik Wiking, founder of the world's first Happiness Research Institute about happiness, memory making and how we can apply his findings to our own lives.

26th Sep 2019

Reverse Mentoring

Anna Richards talks to Pensions Partner, James Riley and Business Manager, Letty Gibbs about their experience of the firm's Black Heritage Mentoring Scheme, womens' networks and their perspectives on balancing careers with family life.

2nd Sep 2019

Shared Parental Leave

Anna Richards talks to lawyer Philip Reed, a senior associate at Farrer & Co, about his experience of taking Shared Parental Leave and his advice to other families who may be considering taking it up.

29th Jul 2019

Gender Equality, Careers and the Media

Helen Beedham interviews Baroness Shami Chakrabarti about how she has managed her career, being in the media spotlight and her views on creating a more gender-equal society.

11th Jun 2019

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