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Social Media Risks for Children - Sexting

Cityparents' Anna Richards talks to Sandra Paul and Áine Kervick from Kingsley Napley LLP, who are lawyers specialising in youth crime and justice. They discuss the dangers that the online world poses for children, the trouble that can arise from sharing explicit content online and how parents can help their children to avoid the associated risks.

16th Nov 2020

Finding a Calmer, Happier Life Through COVID19

Dr Sarah Vohra, consultant psychiatrist and author of The Mind Medic explains some simple and practical ways to help us live a calmer, happier life. She talks about the strain that COVID19 has placed on our mental wellbeing and shares some of the positives that we can take away too.

5th Oct 2020

Solo Motherhood

In the latest episode of Cityparents Talk, we talk to Mel Johnson from www.thestorkandI.com (Insta: @the_stork_and_i) about her decision to become a solo mother, the highs and lows of her journey to motherhood and how she balances solo parenting with her corporate career.

3rd Aug 2020

Success, Trust and Integrity

Anna Richards talks to Paolo Gallo, the author, speaker, coach and former holder of senior HR positions at the World Economic Forum and World Bank, about successful careers, work / life balance and trust, motivation and tracking productivity within remote working teams.

15th Jun 2020

Flexible Working and #change4good

Geraldine Gallacher, the CEO of The Executive Coaching Consultancy talks to us about her #change4good campaign which aims to find positive, long term change in City working cultures resulting from the mass remote working experiment forced on us by COVID-19.

18th May 2020


Cityparents Director Helen Beedham talks to Uma Cresswell and Kirsty Wilkins who are current participants in Cityparents Mentoring Scheme. They discuss the drivers for taking part in mentoring, how the arrangement worked practically and advice that each shared for others considering joining this year's cohort.

23rd Apr 2020

Neuroscience and Positive Habits

Anna Richards talks to Dr Jon Finn, the founder and director of Tougher Minds, about how we can apply his insights from neuroscience, behavioural science and psychology to help to build better habits to succeed and thrive in the City of London.

9th Mar 2020

Premature Birth

In the latest edition of Cityparents Life, Anna Richards talks to Jonathan Bright, a Content Marketing Manager at finnCap whose baby daughter Isabella arrived 4 months prematurely in May 2019. In the podcast, Jonathan explores the rollercoaster of hospitals, emotions and routines that he and his wife juggled over the following 5 months, and how he managed to maintain his professional responsibilities during this extremely distressing time.

21st Jan 2020

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