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Cityparents provides expertise and support to help you as a working parent balance work with family life. Our carefully curated online programme of webinars, advice and online resources covers a range of wellbeing, parenting and work/career topics, and is aimed at supporting you through this period of Covid-19. 

As an employee of the NHS, access to this online programme is completely FREE - read on to find out more about our offering and how you can access your free benefits. 

In this video, CEO Louisa Symington-Mills welcomes you to Cityparents. 

Cityparents benefits for NHS employees: Online Access

As an employee of the NHS, you have free 'Online Access' to the Cityparents platform. This provides you as an individual with free access to:

How you can access your membership benefits

  1. Visit www.cityparents.co.uk/account/register and complete our simple registration form
    • Make sure you sign up using your work email address - this will mean you are automatically linked to the NHS's free Online Access
    • In the registration form, you can opt to receive email communications directly from Cityparents including Webinar invitations, and Stories and Advice - which includes news, blogs, expert advice, podcasts and network updates. 
  2. Click on the email verification link that will be automatically sent to you
    • Check your spam folder if you don't get it. Once you click on the verification link, your account is activated.

Once registered as a Cityparents member, you can then log into our website and can proceed to book your own Webinar tickets, and access our online Stories and Advice content all without charge.

Cityparents Webinars - how to book

  • Create your member login as above (a free, quick and easy process), to be able to book a Cityparents Network  Webinar. Follow www.cityparents.co.uk/account/register to register.
  • Log into your Cityparents account, and when the Webinar opens for booking, (check the listing here) please book your place. 
  • Once you've registered, you will receive a confirmation email from us. At least 90 minutes before the Webinar, we will email you directly with the Webinar Access Link - please complete this, enabling you to attend the webinar. 
  • Even if you know you cannot attend the Webinar at its 'live' time/date, please register so that we can send you a link to the recorded version.
  • Remember to look out for the confirmation email before the Webinar!

Need help?

For any technical queries about online registration, booking webinars or accessing our membership benefits, please contact Christy, or Cityparents CEO Louisa.


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