Cityparents - How To Access Our Programme

The Cityparents programme is open to all professionals who have a shared interest in balancing family life with a progressive career. You don't need to be a parent to join.  It's free to get started and join our community: register here to join.  Once registered, if you'd like to access any of our programme content including Cityparents Live (Seminars and Webinars) and Cityparents On Demand (Recordings, Videos and Shorts), as well as Expert Advice and online resources, either your employer will need to provide you with access (through a Corporate Access Pass), or you will need to buy your own Individual Access Pass. These are described below.

Accessing Cityparents Live/On Demand

There are 2 options for accessing the Cityparents programme:.

  • Corporate Access: We offer employers the option to buy a Corporate Access Pass, offering your staff free access to our full programme of content.  If your employer already has corporate access (check the list here), simply join here using your work email address, and you will automatically be linked to your firm's corporate access account. 
  • Individual Access: If you don't work for a firm with Corporate Access (check the list here), you can buy yourself an individual Full Access Pass. An Individual Full Access Pass costs £150* per year and provides you with free access and priority registration to ALL of the Cityparents programme (i.e. the same rights as corporate access, but on an individual, non-transferable level). You can buy your individual Access Pass through your profile page.

*Prices stated include VAT


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