Cityparents - How To Access Our Programme

Individuals can enjoy our full programme through purchasing an annual individual access subscription; organisations can provide free access to all of their employees via an annual corporate access subscription. These options are explained in more detail below with separate sections for Individuals, and Employers.

Cityparents: membership and access for Individuals

Cityparents is open to all professionals who have a shared interest in balancing family life with a progressive career. You don't need to be a parent to join.  It's free to get started and join our community: register here to join.  Once registered, if you'd like to access any of our programme content including Cityparents Live (Webinars, Seminars and Support Groups), Cityparents On Demand (Recordings, Videos and Shorts), and the Cityparents Library (Expert Advice, Blogs and Podcasts), either your employer will need to provide you with access (through a Corporate Access Pass), or you will need to buy your own Individual Access Pass. These are described below.

Accessing Cityparents Live/On Demand

There are 3 options for accessing the Cityparents programme:.

  • Corporate Access: We offer employers the option to buy a Corporate Access Pass, offering their staff free access to our full programme of content.  If your employer already has corporate access (check the list here), simply join here using your work email address, and you will automatically be linked to your firm's corporate access account. 
  • Individual Access: If you don't work for a firm with Corporate Access (check the list here), you can buy yourself an individual Full Access Pass. An Individual Full Access Pass costs £150* per year and provides you with free access and priority registration to ALL of the Cityparents programme (i.e. the same rights as corporate access, but on an individual, non-transferable level). You can buy your individual Access Pass through your profile page.
  • Pay as you go (Live programme only): You can purchase individual Seminar/Webinar tickets on a pay-as-you-go basis. Webinars are typically priced at £15. Please note Pay as you go access is NOT available for other online resources including our On Demand programme (Recordings, Videos and Shorts) or Expert articles in the Cityparents Library.

*Prices stated include VAT

Cityparents: membership and access for Employers

Cityparents Corporate Access enables firms to offer their employees free access to our full Cityparents programme. Sign up today to:

  • give all your employees free access to our full programme of Live and On Demand content, accessible online and globally
  • create an additional employee benefit and support your working parent population
  • promote talent retention and satisfaction
  • provide a cost-effective way to enhance and complement your internal initiatives
  • offer dedicated support to your staff through this period of Covid-19

Please contact Cityparents founder Louisa Symington-Mills to set up your Corporate Access, or find out about pricing. 

Corporate Access covers ALL your employees, not just parents. Employees simply register via our website using their work email address and will then be able to access our FULL programme including Cityparents Live (Seminars, Webinars and Support Groups) and Cityparents On Demand (Recordings, Videos and Shorts), as well as Expert Advice and online resources, without individual charge. 

Corporate Access is priced on a tiered structure dependent on an employer’s total number of employees in the UK / Globally. To find out the annual price for your category, please contact us.

You can view our current corporate members here.


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