Mixed Bag pre and post Mat leave vol 2

General Details
Working mother
Investment Banking
Type of leave:
Number of years professional experience:
More than 20 years
Length of leave:
6-12 months
Type of experience:
Work pattern on return:
Still on leave
Message So I'm in mat leave at the moment, with baby 2 having gone back Oct 15 and left for 2nd leave Aug 16 only to be told Nov 16 that I'm being made redundant. My wider team was disbanded just before I left and new mgr seemed very supportive but he had a new role that he was still figuring out. Had my YE review with him, was requested to another meeting to be put at risk but which defers as am still on mat leave. Was shocked to be put at risk by a different snr mgr, with actual line boss not knowing what was going on (surely would have mentioned in YE review?!) and all whilst out on ML with a 3 month old baby. HR been next to useless, new boss whilst making all the right noises has done nothing to help me find a new role and now feeling very uninspired by the whole place. Do I want to expend energy finding a new role internally when in all likelihood will get made redundant again at some point in next 2 years with ring fence changes? Whilst firm have acted appallingly, they have done nothing illegal. From all the posts Ive read it seems to be a theme. Banks have all these talent programmes where they are surprised their female talent pool drops off at the VP and above level, and then wonder why woman don't return when they get treated so badly whilst off on mat leave, or when they return. It seems that to have a positive experience is so dependent on individual managers making returning women feel welcome and helping them ease back in. Its hard enough to come back to work, build confidence and network etc without all this rubbish to deal with. Come on banking - YOU CAN DO BETTER
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