It's free to join the Cityparents Network - complete the registration form here!

Cityparents is an inclusive network for City professionals who have a shared interest in balancing family life with a progressive career. We organise events across 4 categories for our 14,000 members; Citycareers, Cityfamilies, Citywellbeing and Citytech. You don't need to be a parent to join. Membership for individuals is completely free! It's a quick and easy process to register here as a member of the Cityparents Network - once registered you can opt to receive our event invitations, newsletter, blog emails and network updates.

Cityparents Network Events

There are 3 options for attending and paying for Cityparents network events - we explain more about each of these below.

Corporate Access: If your employer holds corporate access membership, its completely free for you to attend our events, you just need to register with us as a member and book your event tickets without charge online - click here to find out more about benefiting from corporate access.  Are you interested in exploring corporate access for your organisation? You can find information here about what we offer to employers.

Buy a Gold Pass: If you don't work for a firm with corporate access, you can buy a Gold Pass for a great value £150* per year to provide you with free access and priority registration to ALL of our Citycareers, Cityfamilies, Citywellbeing and Citytech network events, subject to availability (i.e. the same rights as corporate access, but on an individual, non-transferable level). You can buy a Gold Pass through your profile page.

Pay as you go. If you prefer, instead of a Gold Pass you can simply pay for the events you attend. Speaker Series events are charged at a flat fee of £25* and Seminars are charged at £35*.

Click here to read more about our fantastic events.

Please click here to read our Event Booking Terms & Conditions.

*Prices stated include VAT

Interested in becoming an Influencer?

This is a separate network with its own events offering - find out more about Influencers here.



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