Return to previous employer after extended career break

General Details
Working mother
Type of leave:
Career Break
Number of years professional experience:
6-10 years
Length of leave:
More than 5 years
Type of experience:
Work pattern on return:
Message Following the end of my maternity leave with my first child, I chose to leave a good but highly demanding job to focus on family life. During this time I enjoyed the benefits and challenges of being at home with my children. It was also an opportunity to get to know myself in a different context as well as a chance for personal development in unchartered areas. When my youngest was about to start school, I started considering options to challenge myself in the next phase of life. By chance, my previous employer was looking to recruit in the team I previously worked in and following a very encouraging discussion with my first boss, I decided to apply for a role I was in before my career break. I have now been back for a month working part-time and flexibly. The team I work with are being fantastic in involving me at the right level of work and patient in helping me catch up on what I missed in the last seven years. I enjoy the work and relish the challenges I am facing - I have moments when I feel right in my element. There are difficulties in striking the right work/life balance and strong emotions from this major change in life but I am dealing with it one day at a time and with the help of my wonderful support network. It is early days yet, but overall it feels like going back to work was a great decision and I am very excited about what the future holds for me.
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