The Power of Networks

General Details
Working mother
Investment Banking
Type of leave:
Number of years professional experience:
11-15 years
Length of leave:
6-12 months
Type of experience:
Work pattern on return:
Standard full-time
Message 5 days after my baby was born, my extremely supportive, very senior & influential manager resigned. Her successor was demanding and wasn't renown for her support of working mothers. Due to a department re-organisation I had to re-apply for my role, and it was made clear to me that my new boss (who I had not worked with before) was keen to appoint someone new (a man without a family). If I decided to apply for my own role, I should expect her to make unreasonable demands of my time & generally, as my colleagues warned, make my life 'hell'. I work in HR and felt that I had a strong case if I wanted to challenge her, however I was also aware of the difficulty such a fight would cause, and for what purpose? So that I could have a job that stopped me from having any semblance of work-life balance? I decided instead to take this as an opportunity to try something new. As my return to work was imminent, I was placed on a project team to buy me time to find a new role. I hated every minute of the project & found myself feeling quite angry. I reached out to my network and eventually had no less than 5 good offers for alternative roles. In the end I took a role doing something completely different, and it wasn't long before I realised I loved my new role & was quite successful at it.
If one has asked me around the time when I returned to the office or in the first 6 months what my experience was like, I would have without question categorised it as negative. However, a few years on, I can see the opportunities that arose & grateful for my strong network.
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