Plans for January Event

And yet another tough week. After posting on Sunday evening about my hopes for a decent night's sleep, R's cough meant Sunday night we managed less than 4 hrs in total. Needless to say, Monday night was not a fun day at work. Since then she's been better, fortunately, although her persistent cough means she now has an inhaler.  After 3 busy days at the office, Thursday was spent in London on Citymothers business discussing events and plans for 2013. The support for the network from City corporates and other organisations has been overwhelming, with so much positive feedback highlighting how much the City needs to support its working mothers. The number of potential discussion points and guest speakers seems endless. We are making great plans with organising our January event - more details will be published on the website shortly. Currently, though, its the weekend to look forward to. After spending Thursday in London - normally a work-at-home day for me - and Friday busy in my study, I've barely seen R, and can't wait to spend some more time with her this weekend. 

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