Nearly Christmas

Help! I couldn't be more unprepared for Christmas. After one aborted shopping expedition last week - Chrismas shopping with a baby, buggy and uncooperative husband is a recipe for disaster - I reverted to the internet and ordered a load of things online without much thought for who/what. Packages have been building up all week in the spare room, but as yet I haven't had time to open a single thing, let alone start wrapping. Tempted not to bother in true Austerity Christmas style. At least for once we're not hosting the family at our house, although it does mean that we have to take so much stuff to the inlaws for our 2 day Christmas stay with them - presents, travel cot, high chair, toys, and enough clothes for a thousand changes - that there is a realistic prospect at the moment of having to do two trips rounds the M25. Who knew babies required so much kit? Certainly, this time last year at 8 months pregnant, I had no idea. Incidentally, R is 11 months old today. Starting to plan her first birthday party, although faced with the depressing reality that it is our nanny, not me, who knows who R's local 'friends' are. 1 more month to go then we can officially celebrate her birthday - and my first year as a working mother. Hopefully, I'll reach that point with sanity intact.

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