Peace's blog: To board or not to board?

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clock Released On 18th Mar 2019

Peace's blog: To board or not to board?

'I don't really care about going to this one, I just want to go to the one up the road where most of my friends will be going', says my nine-almost-ten year old, currently in Year 5. 

The topic of parents trying to get their children into preferred schools is not new and currently a very hot topic in the US regarding university admissions!

We recently found ourselves caught up in the hurly-burly (as you can probably tell from that last word - I've also started to broaden my vocabulary and use of synonyms) over secondary schools, and we even heard stories of parents who went as far as viewing potential new homes in the catchment of a preferred secondary school!. 

Previously we'd never considered boarding school as an option for us. However, from discussing with friends who have and after attending a number of secondary school show talks where the benefits - according to the headteachers - range from developing independence to useful life skills, we started to warm to the idea. This is not least because it takes care of the catchment issue, although at a premium that presents a whole new challenge. However with the mixed reviews on some of our preferred schools it seems the eye watering fees are not our only concern. We continue to explore our options attending different open days and hope to find an alternative that ticks the most boxes for my daughter. At least we know key considerations for her are the sports and art facilities.  

As parents do we sometimes go overboard about our children's school and future? Any advice from anyone in a similar situation or who has been through it and come out of the other side will be most welcome :). 

Peace is a proud working mother with a hands on and supportive husband also in the city, together they have "almost achieved" a work-life-work balance with their children all under 9 years old. She has worked in the City for 14 years full time, mostly in investment banking, recently as Head of Operational Risk for a leading Insurer, and now as a Senior Manager in Risk for a leading Investment management firm.


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