A Toolkit for 21st Century Family Life

Last updated: 5th January 2022

Our special series, A Toolkit for 21st Century Family Life, has been produced in partnership with Citi, and is aimed at supporting Citi staff and all Cityparents members with their family lives. This Series comprises a range of Live and On Demand sessions delivering expert content for working parents.  A Toolkit for 21st Century Family Life Webinars are open to all Cityparents registered members with either Full or Online Access. For information about how to book, click here.


Live Webinars and On Demand Recordings

Webinar: Proactive Co-Parenting, Planning & Boundaries

Tuesday 25th January 12.30pm GMT

Successful co-parenting is an important goal for many divorced couples. Looking beyond your own emotions and to the needs of your child(ren) can be hard. This webinar will guide you through the journey of creating a successful co-parenting relationship.

Webinar: Identifying and Getting Support for Eating Disorders in Children

Tuesday 8th February 12.30pm GMT

In this webinar Joanna will look at how to identify eating disorders in children.  She will explore ways of talking to your child if you are worried about their eating and outline treatment approaches for children with eating disorders.  


Webinar: Navigating the Challenges of Caring for Aging Relatives

Monday 7th March 12.30pm GMT              

Led by Jessica Silver from el-well.com, this one-hour webinar will touch on both practical and emotional aspects of caring relatives.  

Webinar: Schooling a Child with High Functioning Autism

Thursday 31st March 12:30pm London BST (UTC+1)

This session will cover key questions, as well as what to do if your school is not making appropriate adaptations or is suggesting the child should move elsewhere; EHCPs; exam concessions; best curriculums for autism; and how to approach university applications.

Webinar: Teenagers and Alcohol: Physical Effects, Safety and Setting Boundaries

Wednesday 20th April 12.30pm London BST (UTC+1)

How does alcohol impact on growing brains and bodies? As a parent how can you mitigate the risks and how much influence do you really have over teenage alcohol consumption? Find answers to these and other important questions.

ON DEMAND: How to Talk to Children About Race

EXPIRES 30th January

How do we discuss race with our children? When is the right time to start? In a frank and friendly conversation, multi-award nominated blogger and author Uju Asika will address some of the most common questions on talking to our kids about race.


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