Content across the Cityparents programme is positive and practical, covering the following principal topic areas:

  • Careers - including strategies for successful remote and flexible work, soft skills, career progression, networking, confidence, communication, mentoring, leadership, and personal brand
  • Families - including the maternity/paternity transition, parental strategy, alternative family structures, children’s education, child mental health and elder care
  • Inclusion - covering topics related to the diversity and inclusion of individuals both in and outside the workplace, including disability, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation among others.
  • Wellbeing - including mindfulness, mental health, anxiety/stress management, and physical health. As part of our Wellbeing programme we have a special Series running at the moment called Resilience - this has been made possible by Citi, and is aimed at supporting NHS staff and all Cityparents members through the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Workplace - covers topics relating to the working world; how to managing diversity and inclusion at work, flexible working challenges and solutions, implementing culture change, gender pay gap reporting, mental health and wellbeing at work, support for working parents and carers, and employee career development and progression.

Due to the ongoing pandemic circumstances, we have aggregated here on our dedicated Covid-19 support page, all of the relevant content from across our programme that we hope will support you at this time.

We carefully vet speakers and choose topics that will inspire, encourage and support. You can find out more about the Experts we work with here, and you can explore our content strands fully by clicking on the links above.



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