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Families and parenting are core content areas within the Cityparents programme - we cover topics relevant to families, parents and step-parents including the maternity/paternity transition, parental strategy, alternative family structures, children’s education, child mental health and elder care. Families-related content is available via our online Expert Advice articles, through Podcasts, Webinars and Video Shorts.

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Please browse our Families library below for a selection of family and parenting-focused expert advice articles and podcasts, divided into the following categories:


Parenting younger children

PODCAST: Supporting children's mental health

EXPERT ADVICE: Back to school top tips - overcoming separation anxiety

EXPERT ADVICE: Calmer parenting - remain calm and carry on

EXPERT ADVICE: What does school readiness really look like

EXPERT ADVICE: Are you ready for the Big Return to school?

EXPERT ADVICE: Building children's confidence

EXPERT ADVICE: Supporting your child's feelings and behaviours during the Covid-19 pandemic

EXPERT ADVICE: Parenting through Coronavirus

EXPERT ADVICE: Beyond the curriculum - supporting your child's intellectual curiosity

EXPERT ADVICE: Intuitive parenting

EXPERT ADVICE: I'm a parent but i'm doing my best

EXPERT ADVICE: How to create a screen time contract

EXPERT ADVICE: Making your family time count

EXPERT ADVICE: What to do if you don't get your preferred choice of school

EXPERT ADVICE: Rules for the digital jungle

EXPERT ADVICE: Healthy screen time habits

EXPERT ADVICE: Children as active creators

EXPERT ADVICE: Raising a smart child

EXPERT ADVICE: Helping children fulfill their potential


Parenting older children

EXPERT ADVICE: Teens - thinking differently about technology

EXPERT ADVICE: Supporting children's mental health during social isolation

EXPERT ADVICE: Coping with exam stress

EXPERT ADVICE: Three skills to prepare your child for the future of work

EXPERT ADVICE: Coping with disappointment

EXPERT ADVICE: Handling peer pressure

EXPERT ADVICE: Preparing children for the digital workplace


Fathers at work

EXPERT ADVICE: For employers - fathers at work

EXPERT ADVICE: Modern Men in the workplace

EXPERT ADVICE: Interview with Andrea Orcel about working fatherhood

EXPERT ADVICE: How can fathers successfully combine hands-on parenting with a City career?

EXPERT ADVICE: Across the City - perspectives from two fathers

EXPERT ADVICE: Fathers in the workplace

EXPERT ADVICE: The fatherhood penalty



EXPERT ADVICE: Supporting older people through Covid-19


Alternative family structures

EXPERT ADVICE: Interview with Susan Golombok - Modern Families


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