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Wellbeing is a core content area within the Cityparents programme - our Wellbeing-themed content covers topics relevant to all parents and professionals including resilience through Covid-19, mindfulness, mental health, anxiety/stress management, and physical health. Careers content is available via our online Expert Advice articles, as well as through Podcasts, Webinars and Video Shorts.

For upcoming Wellbeing-focused Webinars, please click here.

We have a separate listing here of Resilience-themed webinars, made possible by Citi and aimed at supporting members through Covid-19 - you can browse this here.

Please browse our Wellbeing library below for a selection of health and wellness-focused expert advice articles and podcasts, divided into the following categories:


Mental resilience

EXPERT ADVICE: Mastering emotional agility

EXPERT ADVICE: How to use your energy to become more efficient at work

PODCAST: Finding a calmer, happier life through Covid-19

PODCAST: Neuroscience and positive habits

PODCAST: Happiness and memory-making

EXPERT ADVICE: Being yourself at work


Stress and anxiety

EXPERT ADVICE: Beating post-lockdown anxiety

EXPERT ADVICE: Managing boundaries and stress

EXPERT ADVICE: When does stress start to damage your mental health?

EXPERT ADVICE: How to stop worrying

EXPERT ADVICE: Advice if you are worried about someone

EXPERT ADVICE: Your mind doesn't come with an instruction manual

EXPERT ADVICE: Five ways to beat anxiety and take back control of your life during the COVID-19 pandemic



EXPERT ADVICE: Why pressing pause is crucial for personal effectiveness

EXPERT ADVICE: Does serenity really come from accepting what you can’t change and changing what you can?

EXPERT ADVICE: Want to build a positive mindset at work for the coming year? Reset your career mojo.

VIDEO: Self care: 5 questions to ask yourself every day

EXPERT ADVICE: The problem with resolutions

EXPERT ADVICE: Are you resting or recovering?

EXPERT ADVICE: Creating a positive home

EXPERT ADVICE: Health hacks for families

EXPERT ADVICE: Insightful best practice for a better night's sleep.

EXPERT ADVICE: Does being kind make you happier

EXPERT ADVICE: Manage your digital wellbeing

EXPERT ADVICE: Making better friends with the menopause


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