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Careers is a core content area within the Cityparents programme - our careers related topics cover strategies for successful remote and flexible work, soft skills, career progression, networking, confidence, communication, mentoring, leadership, and personal brand. Careers content is available via our online Expert Advice articles, and through Podcasts, Webinars and Video Shorts.

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Or, browse our Careers library below for a selection of careers-focused expert advice articles and podcasts, divided into the following categories:


Remote / flexible work

PODCAST: Flexible working and the Change4Good Campaign

EXPERT ADVICE: Avoiding video conferencing fatigue whilst working remotely

EXPERT ADVICE: How to network online to advance your career

EXPERT ADVICE: Preparing yourself mentally to return to the office

EXPERT ADVICE: How to have successful virtual meetings

EXPERT ADVICE: Clear is better than fast - especially with email

EXPERT ADVICE: Successful working from home

EXPERT ADVICE: Top Tips for working productively at home

EXPERT ADVICE: Effective multi-tasking of home-working and childcare

EXPERT ADVICE: Working from home when your partner is too

EXPERT ADVICE: Making flexible working work

EXPERT ADVICE: Top tips for a healthy use of technology

EXPERT ADVICE: How to get ahead whilst working flexibly


Work/life balance

EXPERT ADVICE: Be a boundaries ninja and avoid work-life blur

EXPERT ADVICE: Suffering from work-life blur? how to get back in control

EXPERT ADVICE: Work life balance truths

PODCAST: Careers, motherhood and work life balance

EXPERT ADVICE: How parents can stay engaged in the world of work

PODCAST: Solo parenting and a corporate career

PODCAST: Careers, parenting and staying sane - Christine Armstrong

PODCAST: Shared parental leave


Careers and leadership

PODCAST: Success, Trust and Integrity

PODCAST: Mentoring

PODCAST: Gender equality, careers and the media - Baroness Chakrabarti

EXPERT ADVICE: What qualities and skills do mentors typically possess?

EXPERT ADVICE: Five ways to reduce bias in decision making

EXPERT ADVICE: The 5 Cs of modern leadership

EXPERT ADVICE: The importance of real life role models

EXPERT ADVICE: The importance of real life role models continued.

EXPERT ADVICE: Re-energising your mentoring conversations

EXPERT ADVICE: How to have good mentoring conversations

EXPERT ADVICE: Develop your presence to improve your presentations

EXPERT ADVICE: Collaborative leadership

EXPERT ADVICE: Is there an imposter in the office?

EXPERT ADVICE: The fast route to burnout

EXPERT ADVICE: Communicating with presence and impact


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