Meet Milly Sutton, our new Cityparents Network Manager

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clock Released On 26th Jan 2017

Meet Milly Sutton, our new Cityparents Network Manager

We’re delighted to introduce Milly who joined the Cityparents team at the start of the year as our new Network Manager, responsible for managing our four award-winning networks and organising all of our Cityparents events.  Milly chats to us about her City career and family life.

Q:  Tell us a little bit about yourself and your career background…
A:  I was born in New Zealand and moved to London in 2001, soon after I finished university.  My mum was born in England so I am lucky enough to have dual passports.  I started a temp job in December 2001 (not long after the economy changed dramatically after Sept 11th) and ended up staying at that law firm for 15 years, always in the BD & Marketing team.  I was the Events Manager for a number of years but after becoming a mum, I found it difficult to juggle parenting and having to work long hours hosting events.  I left that firm in April 2016 and chose to spend more time with my girls (aged 2.5 and 4 years) and have just started as the Network Manager at Cityparents managing their events diary.  This role lets me use my events skills whilst enjoying the flexibility of a part-time job.  I am so lucky to find a role that I love that gives me this flexibility!

Q:  Share a random fact about yourself...
A:  My uncle has just stepped down as the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Q:  How do you balance your career with your home life?
A:  My new role at Cityparents allows me to have the right balance - I sometimes work from home, I am in the City once or twice a week, and I can host events.  I try and be organised and very rarely go to the shops, home deliveries of groceries and shopping helps me a lot.  We have an added challenge at home at the moment as we have the builders in so we have a camping kitchen.  The girls are very good at having "picnic dinners" that require no cooking!

Q:  What do you enjoy most about being an Events Manager? 
A:  I love seeing amazing venues in London; I have had the privilege to visit many buildings that are not generally open to the public.  Many company offices are beautiful, but there are some fantastic hidden gems in London.  If you are ever invited to an event at the Masonic Temple at Andaz Hotel, please go!  I always wanted to organise a Halloween event there as it has dark wood panelling on the walls and black and white floors.  It is a striking contrast to the light and bright meeting rooms next door.

Q:  What has been your biggest challenge as a working parent? 
A:  Those first days of dropping your little one at childcare when they cry.  It is so heartbreaking at the time.  My girls are now over this phase and happily skip into preschool holding hands!

Q:  What are you looking forward to most in terms of your Cityparents role?
A:  Meeting our members.  It is so important that we organise events that you want to go to so please do come and chat to me at the events - I'm always looking for new topics and want to hear what people think.

Q:  How can our individual and corporate members get in touch if they want to chat about Cityparents events?
A:  We are on every social media platform so please do reach out to me via Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.  Or go old school and email me at

Q:  Which high profile person would you most like to hear speak, and why?
A:  Looking at the Cityparents diary, I am really excited about our upcoming guest speakers - Dame Stephanie Shirley (23 February) and Nicola Horlick (8 March) for International Women’s Day.  Both sound amazing!  Outside of Cityparents, I would love to meet Jamie Oliver.  I love cooking and can't wait until we have our new kitchen, but I would be interested in hearing how he juggles being a working parent.  I take my hat off to him having 5 children!


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