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clock Released On 26th Jan 2017

Our new network for HR and D&I

What is best practice among ‘City’ firms in inclusive, supportive workplace policies? How can City employers best respond to the changing nature of employment patterns whilst growing a strong pipeline of diverse talent right up to the most senior levels?

These are questions that many employers across the City and Canary Wharf are keen to hear answers to.  Cityparents can help connect these employers and answer these questions through our new employer forum, Cityworks.

Over the past 3 years we’ve organised and chaired quarterly meetings of HR and Diversity professionals from across the Cityparents community, creating a unique forum for discussion and knowledge sharing around a range of HR and Diversity & Inclusion topics and workplace policies. Following the success of these meetings and positive feedback from attendees, we’ve now formalised and expanded this forum into a new City-wide network for HR and Diversity & Inclusion professionals called Cityworks.  This network aims to encourage the sharing of best practice in HR, D&I and Wellbeing policies through events, surveys, networking and online resources.

Why is Cityparents focusing on City workplace policies?

Cityparents is ideally placed to establish this network thanks to:

  1. Our depth of expertise and understanding of diversity and inclusion topics and their impact on employers and employees
  2. Our positioning at the centre of a City community comprising over 10,000 employees and more than 70 City firms who hold Cityparents corporate membership
  3. And our reputation for offering outstanding knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.

From our partnerships with City businesses, we know that:

  • Employers are no longer treating HR, Diversity & Inclusion and Wellbeing as separate organisational issues but are looking to create an integrated set of policies to better support all of their employees. 
  • This is being driven in part by the widely-accepted evidence that a genuinely diverse workforce and an inclusive working culture bring significant competitive advantages. 
  • Workplace policies can no longer afford to be ‘one size fits all’ but need to be tailored to reflect more varied employee demographics and working patterns if employers are to compete successfully for – and hold on to – the talent they need.

Plus, the insights we have into the day-to-day working experiences of Cityparents members - over 10,300 parents and professionals across the City and Canary Wharf – give us a unique pulse on an evolving narrative on what it means to work in the City today.   For example, we know from talking with members at Citycareers and Cityparents events and from our annual member survey, that:

  • Achieving a meaningful work life balance remains the biggest issue for 83% of City professionals (men and women)
  • Flexible working is sought by many but not yet widespread in all City firms - this is particularly true for men, while 56% of women who do work flexibly expect their career progression to slow or cease completely as a result
  • Only 18% of carer employees and 20% of single parent employees feel adequately supported in their workplace
  • All share the very human desire to feel demonstrably valued by colleagues and business leaders

Thanks to our proprietary data and resources we’re in the ideal position to connect employers, highlight employees’ needs and facilitate the spread of best practice – and we look forward to supporting your business needs through Cityworks.

How can City employers take advantage of this new network?

By becoming a corporate member of Cityworks, City businesses can invite an unlimited number of HR, D&I and Wellbeing professionals within their organisation to join the employer community.  This enables them to: 

  • Access and exchange information about best practice across the City
  • Hear from experts on relevant HR, D&I and Wellbeing topics
  • Enhance professional development
  • Network in person and online
  • Browse our Databank of HR and D&I policies shared by member organisations
  • Download our proprietary City-wide survey data and benchmarks
  • Arrange in-house presentations to HR and D&I team members

Two membership packages are available, Basic and Premium, at very competitive rates compared to other City networks.  We are also offering a one-off introductory launch discount on our standard membership rates until Friday 14 April 2017. For further details please email us.

What’s coming up on the Cityworks events calendar?

Members signing up now can join us at:

  • A webinar in February focusing on policies to support employees who have caring responsibilities (outside of parenting).  We’re pleased to be joined by Mary Edwards from Employers for Carers as a co-presenter on this webinar
  • A seminar in March with keynote speaker Duncan Brown, Head of Consulting at the Institute of Employment Studies, who will be advising on Gender Pay Gap Reporting and how to address gender pay gap issues.
  • A quarterly forum meeting in May where members will be sharing their Mental Health and Resilience policies

Want to find out more or simply stay in touch?

We invite you to browse our new website or contact us to arrange a call – we’ll be delighted to answer your questions and hope to welcome you as a member of Cityworks very soon.  And don’t forget, keep up with the latest HR and D&I news by following Cityworks on Twitter and checking out our news feed.




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