Tom Nash

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clock Released On 6th Oct 2020

Tom Nash

Mr Divorce Coach.

Tom Nash, aka Mr Divorce Coach, is an internationally certified Coach & Master Practitioner in NLP, TimeLine Therapy, Hypnotherapy & more.  He has over 35 years’ experience of all things divorce and separation related, a combination of personal & professional experience. 

Since the age of 3 Tom has experienced the family court system, breakdowns in communication, every other weekend coparents’ (and absent parents). And again, in later life as the husband, ex-husband, father & stepfather of his own blended family. 

He knows first-hand what you are going through, the rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts, the practical everyday occurrences. But more than that, I also know what your children are going through, the questions they have, the thoughts they feel. 

Having completed the Form E’s, C100’s, CafCass interviews & more, I have a successful working partnership with my fellow co-parent / ex-wife.


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