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Sarah Brummitt

Author and Executive Coach. Sarah Brummitt started her business in 2005.  As a highly qualified Executive Coach, leadership development facilitator, award winning Personal Branding expert, ... Read More

Our Experts

Sarah Campin

Founder, Nourish. Sara Campin is a mum of two children and the founder of Nourish - a wellbeing and mental health app for mothers - and is on a mission to transform parental well-being in the ... Read More

Our Experts

Sarah Tennant

Founder, SLT Executive Coaching and Coach Matters.  Sarah Tennant  is an Accredited Executive Coach and Facilitator working across industries with individuals and teams. She speci... Read More

Our Experts

Sarah Ockwell-Smith

Author and Parenting Expert. Sarah Ockwell-Smith is a mother of four teenagers. She initially trained in Psychology and then worked for several years in Pharmaceutical Research and Development. ... Read More

Our Experts

Victoria Davies Jones

Education Consultant and Parenting Guide, Tutor Doctor. Victoria is Academic Director of Tutor Doctor, an in-home and online tutoring organisation. Her holistic vision includes the support of pa... Read More
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