Annual Matching Scheme Code

Updated 19 January 2020.


1. The Annual Matching Scheme (AMS) is operated by Cityparents Ltd (which for this purpose includes Cityfathers Limited and Citymothers Limited as well as Cityparents Limited and their authorised agents) which is committed to protecting your privacy.  This document explains how Cityparents uses your information.

2.  Cityparents collects information from visitors to the Cityparents webpage as well as information submitted such as your email addresses and other personal information. The use of that information is described in the general Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement on the Cityparents webpage.  The purpose of this further Privacy Policy for Mentors and Mentees is to highlight specific matters arising from your involvement with the AMS.

3. The Scheme Director is Louisa Symington-Mills; the Scheme Adviser is Sarah Tennant; “you” refers to someone taken on to the AMS as a mentor or mentee.

Privacy Policy for Mentors and Mentees

1.  By providing personal information to Cityparents you consent to Cityparents using it in accordance with this Policy.

2 . Cityparents may use your personal information (subject always to the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1988, the “DPA”, and EU General Data Protection Regulation)

  • to administer the AMS
  • to respond to enquiries made by you
  • to send you alerts and other information specifically relevant to your role as mentor or mentee, unless you have requested us not to do so
  • in aggregated, anonymised statistics about users and patterns of use of the AMS unless you have requested us not to do so
  • for any other reasonable purpose related to the administration or evaluation of the Scheme.

3.  By applying to join the AMS you agree

to the disclosure of the information you have given on your application form (including any sensitive personal data you may have chosen to provide) to the person you are partnered with in your mentoring relationship, unless you have requested us not to do so

to disclosure of anonymised information you have given on your application form to applicants for the purpose of the matching process

to receive emails and other electronic communications including electronic survey requests in connection with your involvement with the AMS, for instance requests for feedback during the course of the relationship

to the disclosure by Cityparents of aggregated and anonymised statistics about users and patterns of usage of the AMS and its efficacy on this website and to any third parties considered appropriate by Cityparents .

4. Cityparents would not otherwise disclose your information (except where you have agreed) unless required to do so in order to be in compliance with any applicable law, regulation, legal proceeding or governmental request.

5.  Cityparents will receive information from prospective mentors and mentees for the AMS in electronic form and will endeavour to delete it from their systems when, in Cityparents’ reasonable belief, such mentors and mentees are no longer involved in the AMS or that information is not in the process of being reviewed for the purposes of improving and/or evaluating the Scheme, or assisting with the administration of the scheme. Cityparents will assume that you are no longer involved in the AMS after a year following your confirmed matching with a mentor or mentee unless we are aware you have applied to remain involved in the AMS.

6.  Louisa Symington-Mills is the Data Controller of Cityparents Ltd and the Cityparents website and information collected for or in connection with the AMS, for the purposes of the DPA.

Ethical Matters for Mentors and Mentees

1. You agree that all written and oral information exchanged during the mentoring relationship is confidential during and after the relationship unless agreed between the mentor and mentee, or required by law, and any written information will be destroyed following the end of the mentoring relationship.

2.  You will consider and disclose any conflicts of interest which might arise during the mentoring relationship. Neither the mentor nor the mentee will use any information from the other’s business for their own purposes or profit.

3. Each mentor agrees that he/she will have the skills and experience appropriate to the matters discussed with their mentee or, if not, will recommend the mentee seeks support from an appropriate person chosen by the mentee.

4. The mentoring relationship will not be exploitative; both parties are committed to showing mutual respect at all times and will be considerate of each other’s organization, culture and beliefs. You agree to respect each other’s commitments and engagements and avoid imposing on these beyond what is reasonable.

5.  You agree to establish a clear framework for your relationship in your initial meeting, which will include deciding on practical matters including place of meeting and modes of communication together with proposed topics to be covered and how you would like to work together, and will review these periodically.

6. You both agree to reflect on matters discussed at each meeting after the meeting has concluded, and the mentee will consider what has been discussed and, if she sees fit, act on any steps and processes discussed. 

7. You will be open and truthful with each other about the relationship itself and shall evaluate it periodically with the aim of making it as effective as possible for both parties. Either party may conclude the relationship if they feel that it is not achieving its aims; however, you will try to discuss any problem before doing so either with each other or, if that seems inappropriate, with the Scheme Director.

8. You will both try to ensure a smooth ending of the relationship when it has achieved its purpose, which will for the purposes of the AMS be at the latest at one year post the beginning of the relationship. You will inform the Scheme Director once your final meeting within the AMS has taken place should that final meeting happen within a year of the commencement of you mentoring pairing.

9. You are committed to contributing a minimum of one hour every six weeks to mentoring activities for a year.  Any continuation of the relationship after that time is a private arrangement which does not fall within the AMS.

10. You agree to provide occasional written feedback, if requested, to the Scheme Adviser, in a timely manner, including completing any electronic Feedback Questionnaires promptly.  You accept that, since such feedback is vital for the good running of the scheme, should you not respond to such requests, a member of the Cityparents team may call you on the phone number given on your application form to follow up.

11. You agree to review the induction materials provided by Cityparents prior to taking up the role of mentor or mentee.

12. It is the responsibility of mentors and mentees to be aware of any applicable law and work within the law.

13. Neither mentors nor mentees will receive financial compensation or expense reimbursement as a result of your participation in the AMS. 

14. Once you have approved the mentoring partner offered to you and confirmed to Cityparents you are happy to work together, it is your responsibility to maintain the relationship and to let the Scheme Adviser know if you wish for any support.  If the mentoring relationship concludes before the end of a year for whatever reason, but after each of you have confirmed to Cityparents that you are happy with your mentoring pair, please let the Adviser of the Scheme know this as soon as possible.  Cityparents will not be able to provide the mentee with a refund of his/her administration fee, but will endeavour to find an alternative match if someone is available; however, where this is not possible for practical reasons you will need to apply though the next window for appllciations in the normal fashion, and paying a further application fee, if applicable, should you want to stay within the scheme.  

15. Each mentee agrees to take personal responsibility for his/her own development and choices and that it is their responsibility to obtain relevant professional or personal advice, if needed, before taking or refraining to take any specific actions in relation to their career and personal life.  Advice or information provided by a mentor, Cityparents or the Scheme Adviser or Director is not a substitute for such professional or personal advice.

16. Each mentor, Cityparents, the Scheme Adviser and the Scheme Director accepts no responsibility or legal liability for any advice and/or information posted on the Cityparents website nor with regard to any advice and/or information provided to any mentee during the mentoring relationship and the participation in any aspect of the AMS, including initial training and feedback sessions.


Cityparents may periodically review and make reasonable amendments to its Mentoring Scheme Code and AMS participants will be bound by any such amendments. 


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