Mentoring News and Resources

Below, we include a range of resources to support you on your mentoring journey.

January 2020: Re-energising your Mentoring Conversations.  Suggestions for making sure that your good intentions continue to receive the attention and priority they deserve, shared by Sarah Tennant, Cityparents Mentoring Programme Adviser and Executive Coach/Facilitator.

November 2019: The GROW Model. Read how a widely used coaching framework, GROW, can be useful for mentoring conversations and helping people to achieve their goal(s).

November 2019: The Journey So Far: Read on to hear how four mentor/mentee pairs from the Summer 2019 Matching Scheme are getting along in their mentoring journey. What are the benefits, and the challenges, so far?* 

October 2019: How to have good mentoring conversations. How do you help others to develop professionally through the conversations that you have with them? Sarah Tennant, Cityparents Mentoring Programme Adviser and Executive Coach/Facilitator, sets out how some coaching techniques can be easily used in the everyday context of work and mentoring. 


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