Cityparents Influencers - FAQs

What is Cityparents Influencers?

Cityparents Influencers is run by Cityparents. It is a new group aimed at members of Cityparents who want to help bring about a more supportive work culture in the City/their organisation.

What will it do?

Influencers offers content-rich events, ideas, advice and resources to help members play a proactive role in influencing and championing change in their workplace/industry. 

How is it different from Cityparents?

The Cityparents Network focuses on the individual – it provides members with a range of events from which they can access resource to support/improve their career, mental/physical wellbeing and home/family life. Influencers aims to bring about more widespread change – it gives its members specific support and resource to help them to make positive changes in their workplace/profession.

Who can join Influencers?

Any Cityparents member working in a professional role, who would like to influence a more supportive work culture in the City/their place of work. We regret Influencers is not open to service providers, executive coaches or any person with a commercial interest in Influencer members. 

How do I join?

You can join Influencers here, through your Cityparents member profile

Is there a charge?

Yes, joining Influencers costs £150pa.

I have a Cityparents Gold Pass/my employer has Cityparents Corporate Access, do I still have to pay?

Yes. The Influencers membership fee is not covered by Cityparents Corporate Access or Individual Gold Passes, and it is not possible to attend events on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. There is more information about membership here

Do I have to be a Cityparents member to be able to join Influencers?

Yes - if you would like to join Influencers and are not yet a Cityparents member, please register your Cityparents member profile first. You can then subscribe to Influencers through your account.  

What benefits will I get?

For the £150/year membership fee, Influencers receive:

•             Dedicated programme of networking, seminar and panel discussion events

•             Influencers social media forums and online resources

•             Support in championing cultural and practical change

•             Ability to input into Cityparents’ Agenda and initiatives

•             An invitation to a private annual Influencer evening hosted by Cityparents CEO Louisa Symington-Mills

•             Exclusive opportunities to get involved with Cityparents' charity partner Working Families


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