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How was your experience of taking parental leave from work? Are you curious to know how other City professionals have managed their time away from the office and their subsequent return? Are you about to take leave and want to hear the experiences of others?

To find out, explore our new Experience Bank, an online space for our members to share anonymous experiences of parental leave, including maternity, paternity, shared parental, adoption, surrogacy and compassionate leave, and career breaks.

You can search Experiences by various criteria including type of leave, length, work pattern on return, and the type of experience.

If you'd like to submit your Experience, please do so here.

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Leave Type Profession Type of experience Subject Replies Views
Maternity Law Positive 2 x mat leave in the public sector 0 1066
Maternity PR/Communications Positive Two maternity leaves of 1 year 390 1765
Compassionate Law Positive Bereavement Leave 401 1628
Maternity Other Positive Loved it and love being back at work! 0 1121
Maternity Law Mixed Depends on the firm? 0 1869
Maternity Law Mixed Change to new job post maternity leave 0 1281
Maternity Law Positive Get out of private practice! 0 1191
Maternity Consultancy Neutral Changing performance perceptions post-mat leave 3 1373
Maternity Asset Management Positive 1 year of maternity leave that was like a sabbatical too ! 0 960
Maternity Investment Banking Mixed Speak up - if you don't ask you don't get 0 1622
Maternity Investment Banking Negative Fight your ground 0 1400
Maternity Insurance Mixed Just as hard second time round 0 1218
Maternity Alternative Investments Positive 2 maternity leaves in 2 years 0 1094
Maternity Investment Banking Negative Dealing with dinosaurs 4 1771
Maternity Professional Services Positive Wonderful time away but glad to be back! 0 901
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