4 mths SPL at end of baby's 1st yr

General Details
City professional
Investment Banking
Type of leave:
Shared Parental
Number of years professional experience:
11-15 years
Length of leave:
4-5 months
Type of experience:
Work pattern on return:
Standard full-time
Message My wife took 8 mths maternity leave and then I took 4 mths while she went back to wk 2 days/wk. SPL was paid. Really enjoyed the extra time with the children and getting to know their daytime routines, friends, classes, other parents. Has helped me say hi now that I'm back at wk and only occasionally doing nursery/school drop off/pick up.
Regularly worked during baby's lunchtime nap at the beginning of the SPL, mainly inbox management to make the return easier but stopped when wk laptop broke and didn't restart once fixed!
Used annual leave to go back to work 3/4 days a wk from the end of SPL until Xmas: baby started nursery in Jan aged 14mths. Found that period tough as was back f/t but obviously only available p/t so often wked on my annual leave days. Been much easier, wk wise, being back f/t in 2018.
Was worried about being the first man to take SPL and also the views of my (internal) clients. Fortunately, a secondee from HQ covered my role and did a good job.
Would recommend SPL, even if only for 1 month.
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