An understanding law firm

General Details
Working mother
Professional Services
Type of leave:
Number of years professional experience:
11-15 years
Length of leave:
6-12 months
Type of experience:
Work pattern on return:
Flexible full-time
Message I took 9 months maternity leave from a senior business development role in a law firm. I had twins, one of whom was very poorly at birth and the first four months were very hard - returning to work felt almost impossible. After reviewing finances and finding out the bonuses are paid on a pro-rata basis and mat leave is not included we decided that I would return after 9 months. With twins in full-time nursery my options were limited so I am back 4.5 days a week (the vast majority of women in my department have negotiated a 3 day week/job share). Whilst dealing with HR has been painful I am lucky that my direct manager is invested in people and fully supports flexible working (working from home etc). I am feeling a little anxious about how things will work, there is not a 9-5 culture here and everyone is busy and working long hours. If I am ever to see the children I will need to leave on time. But, so far so good though - I feel very fortunate to work somewhere as flexible and understanding to working parents - it's a very open door policy and I genuinely feel as if the firm is supportive of young families. Time will tell...
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