Depends on the firm?

General Details
Working mother
Type of leave:
Number of years professional experience:
6-10 years
Length of leave:
4-5 months
Type of experience:
Work pattern on return:
Flexible full-time
Message This is an amazing resource and it is dispiriting to see so many women facing negative experiences. I was nervous to reveal my pregnancy as I was under consideration for promotion but after that was sorted found people to be supportive. I took 4 months and returned full time working from home one day a week. There was some snaffling of my work while I was away but it was minor and people were supportive on return. One thing I found really frustrating is that I absolutely had to return to work after the full-pay leave period was up at 4 months. I made my plans clear from the start and was even clear that a longer leave was not an option for me. Nevertheless I was constantly told, oh see what you feel when the time comes. I understood that this was meant to retain my flexibility but it was actually really hard to keep hearing since I did not *really* have the choice they kept saying I had.
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