We run regular seminars and speaker series events that cover topics relevant to families, parents and step-parents - including the maternity/paternity transition, parental strategy, alternative family structures, children’s education, child mental health and elder care.


Seminar: Stress-Free Morning Routines

A seminar outlining practical and effective measures to prevent and deal with problems in the mornings and develop a stress-free morning routine.
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Seminar: Homework Matters

A seminar with guidance and hints on how to get children to do their homework willingly and independently without having to nag, shout or bribe!

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Seminar: Numeracy Matters

This seminar explains the current system of teaching mathematics and how parents can support children effectively.
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Seminar: Teenagers and Drugs

A session supporting parents how they can equip their children to understand the risks drugs and make choices that keep them safe.

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Seminar: Blended Families Matter

This seminar will help you with strategies and steps to take to help make the process of building a new family one of compassion and bonding.
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