Covid-19: Support and Resources for Working Parents

Last updated: 17th November 2020

With the impact of COVID-19 on our personal and professional lives growing and changing each day, we are watching developments closely and are constantly considering how we can positively support you through this time. Our platform is currently operating wholly online: we have a fantastic new range of Webinars, and we're busy writing and commissioning content to share advice and stories on how people are managing their work and family lives in these unusual circumstances.

Below is a list of the Webinars we have planned, Expert Advice articles, our blog and podcast series: Cityparents Talk. If you miss a webinar, you can watch the recording for 21 days after the live stream date. We have linked the most relevant recordings below but there are many others, you can browse our webinar recordings library here. If you have any suggestions for topics or other supportive ideas, please contact Louisa - we'd love to hear your feedback.


Webinar Recording: Parenting Teenagers During Isolation
Webinar Recording: Managing Family Life During Social Distancing
Webinar Recording: First Aid for your Child's Mind

Webinar: Strategies for Self-Care in the workplace
Tuesday 24th November at 12:30PM GMT (London time) online

Webinar: Raising the Covid Generation - Supporting Children as they Move into Work
Monday 30th November at 12:30PM GMT (London time) online

Webinar: Positive Approaches to Mental Health and Wellbeing at Home
Thursday 3rd December at 12:30PM GMT (London time) online

Webinar: Career Progression When Working Remotely
Tuesday 12th January at 12:30PM GMT (London time) online

Webinar: Mastering Emotional Intelligence
Thursday 14th January at 12:30PM GMT (London time) online

Webinar: Agile and Flexible Working
Monday 25th January at 12:30PM GMT (London time) online

Webinar: No Going Back: How Work has Changed in Ways That We've Recognised (Or Not) in the Covid Era
Tuesday 26th January at 12:30PM GMT (London time) online

Webinar: Protecting Children's Mental Health
Tuesday 2nd February at 12:30PM GMT (London time) online

Webinar: Exploring the Benefits of Mindfulness
Tuesday 9th February at 12:30PM GMT (London time) online

Webinar: Wellbeing and Resilience for Sustainable Performance
Monday 1st March at 12:30PM GMT (London time) online

Webinar: Learn Three Simple Stress Reduction Skills
Monday 8th March at 12:30PM GMT (London time) online

Webinar: How to Quiet Your Negative Inner Voice
Wednesday 24th March at 12:30PM GMT (London time) online

That's not all! There are MANY more webinars coming up - view the full listing here

Expert Advice

Our Expert Advice section is packed full of practical tips helping members to balance their work and family lives. Here we have selected the most relevant articles: 

Avoiding video conferencing fatigue when working remotely: kindly contributed by the University College London, this article offers top tips for individuals and managers to help keep video calls fresh and participants engaged.

Be a Boundaries Ninja! Working parents need to balance their conflicting and sometimes overwhelming responsibilities by setting clear boundaries, even more so in a world that’s working remotely. Lucinda Quigley, Head of Working Parents at Talking Talent explains 5 simple ways to avoid work / life blur.

Emotional Agility - As we look to adapt to yet more changes affecting our lives, Psychotherapist and Counsellor Amy Launder explains how the ability to acknowledge and accept our emotions can build resilience to navigate the uncertain times ahead.

Preparing yourself mentally for return to the office: Before the pandemic we were already seeing the nature of work changing and the pandemic seems to have accelerated these changes. Read this helpful article from the Mental Health Foundation, a national mental health charity focusing on promoting and protecting mental health.

Building children's confidence: Following the last few months of fear and uncertainty, Simon Benn the Children’s Happiness Expert, explains how to boost your child's confidence and resilience.

The 5 C's of Modern Leadership: Adversity calls for an evolution of leadership. Jo Lyon, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Talking Talent considers what modern leadership will look like and how they will navigate a normal which is unchartered.

Teens: thinking differently about technology this summer holidaysAlicia Drummond, founder of Teen Tips shares her ideas of how teens can use technology to learn and develop new skills.

Post Lockdown Anxiety: As lockdown restrictions continue to ease, this article from Anxiety UK explores the worries experienced by many as we adjust to the next phase of change in our work and personal lives.

Why pressing pause is crucial for personal effectiveness: philosopher Dr Brennan Jacoby explains how you can use this strange time as an opportunity to take a moment to catch up with yourself.

Serenity and Acceptance: does serenity really come from accepting what you can’t change and changing what you can? Dr Sarah Whitaker, a clinical psychologist specialising in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) explains.

Clear is better than fast - especially with email: productivity specialist Grace Marshall pens her top tips for email best practice. 

How to have successful virtual meetings:  In our new world of working from home, having effective virtual meetings is now critically important for business. Read on for top tips from Cityparents expert speaker Carrie Swift, Founder - Love Public Speaking.

Making Memories: in a recent guest blog, shared with us by Rachel Vecht from Educating Matters, the unknown author considers how children will remember this time and the importance of making positive memories.

Back To School: Top Tips to Overcome Separation AnxietyWith some children beginning to returning to school, Anna H Moosuddee, Head of Wellbeing and Senco, Wellesley House School, offers her advice for a smooth return, helping children to adjust to new routines and ease their worries.

Supporting Your Child’s Feelings and Behaviours During the COVID 19 Pandemic: Dr Melita Housley, a clinical psychologist specialising in children and young adults, explains the cause of this change and how you can support your child through this unusual time.

Self care: 5 questions to ask yourself every day: in a short video, anxiety specialist Lianne Weaver, proposes 5 questions that we can ask ourselves to help to boost our resilience and protect our mental wellbeing at this difficult time.

Working from home: productivity, motivation & success: Tougher Minds Founder Dr Jon Finn shares 10 easy-to implement and highly-effective rules to follow.

Supporting our older friends and family: John McGeachy, Campaigns Officer at Age UK London, shares advice and suggestions for supporting older people during this period of Covid-19.

Supporting children's mental health during social isolation: Parenting Coach Nadim Saad offers his advice on how to reduce our children's tension and anxiety during this difficult time.  

Top Tips: Working productively at home: For both employers and employees, rapid adjustment to a new way of working will be needed to ensure business continuity; so if you're used to being based in an office, read on for our top tips on how to be productive when working remotely. 

Opinion - Five ways to beat anxiety and take back control of your life during the COVID-19 pandemic: Dr Olivia Remes from the University of Cambridge shares her top tips on looking after your mental health during this difficult period.

Q&A - Parenting through Coronavirus: Author and parenting expert, Sarah Ockwell-Smith responds to questions about parenting through the Coronavirus. 

Top Tips: Home-SchoolingAs many working parents prepare to home-schooling their children, experienced home educator Clare Emerson shares with us her top home education tips.

Top Tips: Working from Home when your partner is too: For many of us, working at home - either occasionally or regularly – has become an accepted feature of our working lives. But what happens when a household with one regular home-worker finds itself with two? Here are our top tips for successful home-working – as a couple.

Effective multitasking: home working and childcare: Anita Cleare from the Positive Parenting Project offers some practical tips for working from home while also looking after children.

Home-School: In a recent blog, Cityparents CEO Louisa Symington-Mills shares her experience of home schooling.

Flexible Working: How to Make it WorkLucinda Quigley from Talking Talent provides her advice for successful flexible working

Top Tips for Creating a Positive Home: Anita Cleare of The Positive Parenting Project, Rachel Vecht of Educating Matters and Nadim Saad from Best of Parenting share their suggestions for some practical changes you can make to create a more positive home environment for your family.

Wellbeing: Suffering from work / life blur? How to get back in controlNick Elston - mental health and anxiety speaker; Grace Marshall – author, coach and Productivity Ninja; Rob Bravo – executive coach; and panel moderator Jo Dooley from Allen & Overy explain how

Tips from the Anxiety Guy: How to stop worryingNick Elston shares some tips on how to cope with anxiety and minimise its impact on day-to-day life.


In our popular blog, Cityparents members tell us how they are managing family life and work responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. New blogs are published every week and can be found here.


On our podcast series, Cityparents Talk, speakers and members share their expertise and experiences of balancing their own work and home lives. Many of these share perspectives that are especially relevant at this time such as:

  • Dr Sarah Vohra, consultant psychiatrist and author of The Mind Medic explains some simple and practical ways to help us live a calmer, happier life. She talks about the strain that COVID19 has placed on our mental wellbeing and shares some of the positives that we can take away too.
  • Paolo Gallo, the author, speaker, coach and former holder of senior HR positions at the World Economic Forum and World Bank, about successful careers, work / life balance and trust, motivation and tracking productivity within remote working teams.
  • Geraldine Gallacher, CEO of the Executive Coaching Company, explores the potential for real, long-term change in corporate working cultures resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Dr Jon Finn, the founder and director of Tougher Minds, talking about building better, healthier habits to succeed and thrive in the City of London. 
  • Jonathan Bright, who shared his story about the premature birth of his baby daughter and the rollercoaster of emotions and routines that ensued during this distressing and uncertain time. 
  • Dr Brad Reedy, the parenting expert and author explores the importance of taking care of our own mental health in order to be a better support for our children as they learn to manage the many pressures and stresses of growing up.

See our full list of episodes here, or subscribe via any major podcast platform.

Other Helpful Resources

We are looking out for helpful content and resources to support you and here are some of our favourites. If you have any other suggestions, please contact Anna.

The Executive Coaching Company's Change4Good Quiz, to help working parents to have a constructive conversation about roles and how they are managing domestic and work responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond.

Homeschooling during COVID-19 - how one family is doing it. From

A Guide for Parents -  Mental wellbeing tips for families with children who are all working from home, social distancing or self-isolating

Advice for carers from Carers UK

Coronavirus – what are my rights? Guidance from Working Families 

Staying at home checklist

How to structure your day at home with the kids

Family days tried and tested

Twinkl - teaching resources

Free worksheets at

Education companies offering free subscriptions

Useful resources that support distance learning

Talking to children about Coronavirus

The Role of Corporations in Spreading or Containing the Pandemic

Free online education resources



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