Covid-19 and Beyond

Last updated: 1 September 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our personal and professional lives and the future of work is under close consideration and debate. We are constantly refreshing our Live and On Demand content to positively support you through this time; delivered through Webinars, video Shorts, Expert Advice articles and our podcast series: Cityparents Talk. 

Below is a sample of content most relevant to the changing circumstances of the pandemic and beyond. Please note, to view or book you need to be a registered member of Cityparents; for more information on how you can book an event, please click here. If you have any suggestions for topics or other supportive ideas, please contact Louisa - we'd love to hear your feedback.

On Demand Programme

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Live Programme

That's not all! There is much more in our On Demand programme - view the full listing here

Webinar: How to Shine in Virtual Meetings Monday 21st September at 12.30pm London BST (UTC+1)

Webinar: How to be Mentally Resilient Tuesday 12th October at 12.30pm London BST (UTC+1)

Webinar: Getting the Balance Right Wednesday 13th October at 12.30pm London BST (UTC+1)

Webinar: Trust in Hybrid Teams Tuesday 19th October at 12.30pm London BST (UTC+1)

That's not all! There are MANY more webinars coming up - view the full Live Events listing here

Expert Advice

Our Expert Advice section is packed full of practical tips helping members to balance their work and family lives. Here we have selected the most relevant articles: 

How to Support Employees Mental Health when Returning to the Office
Chris O’Sullivan, Head of Business Development and Engagement at the Mental Health Foundation shares advice and insights on how to support your employees as they return to the workplace.

Blended Working Tips
As the corporate world considers the future of work, Liese Lord advises how to manage blended teams of remote and office-based workers.

Become a Habit Mechanic and improve any aspect of health or wellbeing 
Many of us may use the disruption of the COVID-19 to adopt new and positive habits for the future. In this article resilience, leadership, wellbeing and habits expert Dr. Jon Finn explains that to feel better and do better (in life and work), we need to understand how our brain works and how it affects our behaviour.

Normality Matters: Helping Children to Adapt Post Lockdown
Rachel Vecht of Educating Matters considers how we can help children to manage change as we transition back to a more familiar life and change in general, irrespective of their age.

Working and Caring in Covid-19
Katherine Wilson from Carers UK examines the challenges faced by carers during the COVID19 pandemic and shares her top tips for businesses wanting to effectively support employees who have caring responsibilities alongside their professional careers.

Our Blog

Each week, our wonderful team of bloggers share with us their experience of balance their careers alongside busy home lives. The following are particularly relevant to the current circumstances of the pandemic in the UK.

Ally blog: Your back to the office training programme: At one point the declaration was made that the office was dead - long live WFH!  But no sooner did we adjust to that than - hey-ho - the office has been resurrected.  Apparently even Google are saying their staff will have to go into the office regularly, so if Google are saying it and not just certain City dinosaurs who wouldn’t even allow you to wear brown shoes in town, it must be true.

Dolly's blog: London baby. And it goes a little something like this… After 15 months marooned in a scenic but achingly dull corner of rural Wiltshire (devoid of non-supermarket retail, decent coffee and anything that could sensibly be described as a restaurant) I am back!  LONDON BABY! 

Sonya’s Blog: Returning to the office after a pandemic. When I returned to work after having my son in 2016, I found the process really stressful and upsetting.  I had just over a year off work, and I had an amazing time on maternity leave.  

Ally's blog: How did we do that? This week my employer sent out a fairly lengthy questionnaire to everyone in the firm to ask us about how we thought we might want to work once the pandemic restrictions are no longer in place. It’s an interesting question - given a blank page, how would I want my work life set up to be?


Charlotte Worth, an Executive Coach and Learning Facilitator explains how we can use the Positive Method to build self-confidence, re-energise, re-focus and contemplate the future.

Dr Sarah Vohra, consultant psychiatrist and author of The Mind Medic explains some simple and practical ways to help us live a calmer, happier life. She talks about the strain that COVID19 has placed on our mental wellbeing and shares some of the positives that we can take away too.

Paolo Gallo, the author, speaker, coach and former holder of senior HR positions at the World Economic Forum and World Bank, about successful careers, work / life balance and trust, motivation and tracking productivity within remote working teams.



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