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At last the weekend

Date 8th Feb 2013 Comments 0 Comments

Well...from one event to the next, I and the Team are now focused on our next meeting on 28 March in Canary Wharf. Thanks so much in advance to State Street for hosting us, and for Ruby McGregor-Smit... Read More

Feedback on recent event

Date 30th Jan 2013 Comments 0 Comments

What a fantastic launch event – many thanks to SJ Berwin for being brilliant hosts last Thursday. With over 70 people in the room the atmosphere was awesome, and we were incredibly lucky to hav... Read More

Phenomenal response to latest event

Date 21st Jan 2013 Comments 0 Comments

The week of our launch event is finally here! Response has been phenomenal and we have had to increase capacity with our hosts three times - many thanks in advance to the wonderful SJ Berwin. So far ... Read More

Happy New Year!

Date 8th Jan 2013 Comments 0 Comments

After a fantastic 2 weeks off at home – clouded only slightly by husband and I coming down with a winter virus, although baby girl miraculously escaped – its back to work today. Much to d... Read More

Gaining traction

Date 21st Dec 2012 Comments 0 Comments

Amazed at what's been achieved in the last 6 weeks. At the start of November, Citymothers was the wisp of an idea - the product of my own personal experience in keeping my career on track in the ... Read More

Nearly Christmas

Date 14th Dec 2012 Comments 0 Comments

Help! I couldn't be more unprepared for Christmas. After one aborted shopping expedition last week - Chrismas shopping with a baby, buggy and uncooperative husband is a recipe for disaster - I re... Read More

Plans for January Event

Date 7th Dec 2012 Comments 0 Comments

And yet another tough week. After posting on Sunday evening about my hopes for a decent night's sleep, R's cough meant Sunday night we managed less than 4 hrs in total. Needless to say, Monda... Read More

The party's definitely over

Date 2nd Dec 2012 Comments 0 Comments

Friday night was fantastic - our first night away from the baby since she was born in January. She was happy at home with nanny, and we had a great time out in London at our black tie do. We raced ho... Read More

Enjoying a long weekend

Date 29th Nov 2012 Comments 0 Comments

Well, its been another difficult week. Baby is teething and has another cough & cold - her fourth in 8 weeks, not that I'm counting - and husband has the man-flu. At least I'm home today ... Read More

Not a match made in heaven...

Date 25th Nov 2012 Comments 0 Comments

Amazed my house can be this quiet. Its Sunday afternoon, raining outside, and both husband and baby are asleep upstairs. Getting my thoughts together for the week ahead.  This Friday marks ... Read More

Roll on the weekend

Date 21st Nov 2012 Comments 0 Comments

Tricky week so far - at least we're over half way now. Husband away on business, baby not sleeping well (still has a cold & cough), loads to do at work. At least, on the plus side, there is n... Read More


Date 17th Nov 2012 Comments 0 Comments

Fascinated by the latest research from Talking Talent, 'Up, Out or Different', discussing some of the many challenges that face women in the workplace. Read More

On the train this morning

Date 15th Nov 2012 Comments 0 Comments

I settled down with my usual assortment of reading materials -Times, FT and...Stylist, which had an interesting article about 'power maternity leave' - read it here: Read More


Date 6th Nov 2012 Comments 0 Comments

R woke up this morning. poor thing came down with a rotten cold and cough yesterday, looked thoroughly fed up when i went into her room. as did my husband when i brought her back to our room and sent... Read More
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