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Esther's blog: Mentoring

Date 1st Jul 2014 Comments 0 Comments

"Yesterday Louisa and I launched the new Citymothers Mentoring Scheme, a cross-company mentoring scheme open to all Citymothers members. Of the 120 or so applicants, we were able to match ... Read More

Jennifer's Blog: Thriving

Date 19th May 2014 Comments 0 Comments

"It started off as just another busy day in the office - so busy that I missed my scheduled flight out to Geneva, got myself booked on to the next one, then proceeded to go the wrong London airp... Read More

Citydad: Making it Happen

Date 11th May 2014 Comments 0 Comments

When my wife asked me if I wanted to split her maternity leave as additional paternity leave, I must admit I raised my eyebrows. "Can you really do that?” I asked her. "Sure you can&q... Read More

Esther's blog: Making a Stand

Date 6th May 2014 Comments 0 Comments

"In my last blog I asked 'When will men openly acknowledge school sports days, parents' evenings and picking up their children from school ?'. Well, it certainly seems like I caught... Read More

Keily's Blog: Mini eggs and Glue

Date 24th Apr 2014 Comments 0 Comments

Last Monday I returned from my first overseas business trip since my daughter was born, feeling rather proud of myself and my family. I was proud of myself (for going and enjoying the trip), proud of... Read More

Tom's Blog: Guilty, or guilt-free?

Date 24th Apr 2014 Comments 0 Comments

Is it me or do we sometimes give ourselves too much of a hard time as Dads? During a talk at school, my six year old son's teacher explained that not everyone's family circumstances are the s... Read More
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