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Since Cityparents was founded in late 2012, we've published a weekly blog sharing the real life experiences and perspectives of individual members balancing work and parenthood.

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A Citymother's Diary

Jennifer's blog

New Year’s resolutions – you may have been thinking of this tired old repetitive topic and already glazed over a few magazine articles genre fitness, gym’ing and losing weight ! &nb... Read More

A Citymother's Diary

Keily's blog

"Prior to becoming pregnant in 2012 the only career track on my mind was the partnership track. Now post-maternity leave, I have begun to ask myself am I being “mummy tracked”? ... Read More

A Citymother's Diary

Dolly's blog

I’ve been thinking a lot about part-time working – my own arrangements and those of others.  Because one of the tricky things about being lucky enough to have a firm that said &ldquo... Read More

A Citymother's Diary

Claire's blog

' "You don't spend enough time with your children!" said my mother during a heated debate following Sunday lunch and a few emotion-raising glasses of wine. These words hurt. Cut lik... Read More

A Citymother's Diary

Ellen's blog

I thought I’d start with a topic close to my heart - Women on Boards. To be clear, that’s ironing boards – I’m quite passionate about reducing the number of women on ironing b... Read More

A Citymother's Diary

Natalie's blog

'The mummy hat and the woman in business hat. Two hats, one head. Sometimes I opt for one over the other, not always making the right choice, and sometimes I try to wear both and one falls off, u... Read More

A Citymother's Diary

1000 of you

Thrilled to announce that the Citymothers Network has now reached 1000 members! I started Citymothers in November 2012 following my own experience of becoming a mother whilst progressing a career in ... Read More

A Citymother's Diary

500 and growing

This week saw a real milestone for Citymothers as we reached 500 members. Hard to believe the network only started in November - the support and progress since then has been overwhelming. As many of ... Read More

A Citymother's Diary

At last the weekend

Well...from one event to the next, I and the Team are now focused on our next meeting on 28 March in Canary Wharf. Thanks so much in advance to State Street for hosting us, and for Ruby McGregor-Smit... Read More

A Citymother's Diary

Happy New Year!

After a fantastic 2 weeks off at home – clouded only slightly by husband and I coming down with a winter virus, although baby girl miraculously escaped – its back to work today. Much to d... Read More

A Citymother's Diary

Gaining traction

Amazed at what's been achieved in the last 6 weeks. At the start of November, Citymothers was the wisp of an idea - the product of my own personal experience in keeping my career on track in the ... Read More

A Citymother's Diary

Nearly Christmas

Help! I couldn't be more unprepared for Christmas. After one aborted shopping expedition last week - Chrismas shopping with a baby, buggy and uncooperative husband is a recipe for disaster - I re... Read More

A Citymother's Diary

Roll on the weekend

Tricky week so far - at least we're over half way now. Husband away on business, baby not sleeping well (still has a cold & cough), loads to do at work. At least, on the plus side, there is n... Read More

A Citymother's Diary


Fascinated by the latest research from Talking Talent, 'Up, Out or Different', discussing some of the many challenges that face women in the workplace. Read More

A Citymother's Diary


R woke up this morning. poor thing came down with a rotten cold and cough yesterday, looked thoroughly fed up when i went into her room. as did my husband when i brought her back to our room and sent... Read More
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