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Esther's Blog: Buses and breastmilk

Date 11th Mar 2014 Comments 0 Comments

“In my last blog I promised to address expressing milk in the workplace and enabling men to feel comfortable about being fathers. I will, but first want to share with you a recent incident. &nb... Read More

Jennifer's Blog: Playground wars

Date 4th Mar 2014 Comments 0 Comments

“Let’s put aside challenges in the workplace as a working mother for a moment, I am experiencing something different and if I am experiencing this, the chances are that other working Moth... Read More

Keily's Blog: Not Guilty

Date 25th Feb 2014 Comments 0 Comments

"I have a confession to make; I do not suffer from any feelings of guilt associated with being a working mother.  Most days I am happy that I returned to work eight months after the bi... Read More

Claire's blog

Date 11th Feb 2014 Comments 0 Comments

The title "Citymother" is now only half true in its application to today's blogger and I can hardly quite believe I am writing this. No, I haven't given my children away to a good h... Read More

Ellen's blog

Date 4th Feb 2014 Comments 0 Comments

Like most working mothers, I spend a disproportionate amount of time and energy worrying. The origins of the anxiety are most commonly: being late to pick up the children, mentally-scarring the child... Read More

Natalie's blog

Date 28th Jan 2014 Comments 0 Comments

'So I'm 8 weeks into my new role working full time in the City.  Having spent the last few years of my career part time/ flexible working I was anxious as to how it would pan out. Well i... Read More

Louisa's blog

Date 19th Jan 2014 Comments 0 Comments

Two weeks into the return to work after maternity leave and its been a mixed start. The first few days were good actually, with a busy schedule at the office meaning the time flew by. Baby boy didn&r... Read More

Esther's blog

Date 14th Jan 2014 Comments 0 Comments

I wonder how many mother and daughter pairs there are in Citymothers, like myself and my daughter? Until last year, I always had a full-time job, as an academic until she was 5 and then in the City u... Read More

Jennifer's blog

Date 7th Jan 2014 Comments 0 Comments

New Year’s resolutions – you may have been thinking of this tired old repetitive topic and already glazed over a few magazine articles genre fitness, gym’ing and losing weight ! &nb... Read More

Keily's blog

Date 17th Dec 2013 Comments 0 Comments

"Prior to becoming pregnant in 2012 the only career track on my mind was the partnership track. Now post-maternity leave, I have begun to ask myself am I being “mummy tracked”? ... Read More

Dolly's blog

Date 10th Dec 2013 Comments 0 Comments

I’ve been thinking a lot about part-time working – my own arrangements and those of others.  Because one of the tricky things about being lucky enough to have a firm that said &ldquo... Read More

Claire's blog

Date 3rd Dec 2013 Comments 0 Comments

' "You don't spend enough time with your children!" said my mother during a heated debate following Sunday lunch and a few emotion-raising glasses of wine. These words hurt. Cut lik... Read More
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