Not a match made in heaven...

Amazed my house can be this quiet. Its Sunday afternoon, raining outside, and both husband and baby are asleep upstairs. Getting my thoughts together for the week ahead. 

This Friday marks the first 'black tie' do we would have been to in almost 2 years, and the first major outing of any kind since the baby arrived in January. A mixture of excitement and panic sets in whenever i think about it...excitement because, well, its our first outing without the baby - and my first night ever away from her - and panic because, lets face it, post-baby bodies and black tie aren't a match made in heaven. 

I have dug through my wardrobe and identifed a suitable garment - fab, tight, black, long column dress - which i can just about squeeze into, and given my husband a lesson in how to zip me into the corset (he initially declined but when i told him i would have to find another strong armed chap on the night to do the honours, quickly changed his mind). I can't sit, eat, drink or, frankly, breathe in the dress, but who cares? It looks ok, and it fits the dress code. Plus i have 5 days to attempt to learn how to breathe in, and see if that will make a difference. 

My next biggest concern is staying awake on the night of the event - for the last 10.5 months my bedtime has averaged around 9.30pm, as R wakes early, normally around 5am, and we get up early for work anyway. How to stay awake till 'party' o'clock? I have struck a deal with husband that i will stay awake until 1am...and to be honest the thought of that is enough to keep me from sleeping. 

My last worry is, of course, R being safe and happy whilst we're away. Our nanny will be looking after her overnight and into Saturday morning, so i'm satisfied its someone who R knows well and is comfortable with. Will still be hard to leave her though - its only been 3 weeks since I stopped breastfeeding her and I'm still not quite used to our mutual indepedence.  Still excited though...:)

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