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clock Released On 16th Sep 2021

Ally's blog: Refresh and reset

So once again it’s back to school time - that long summer holiday that filled us with a panic of “how do I arrange 7 weeks of childcare?” has flown by, tricking us with the grey skies and the need to dig jumpers out from the back of the wardrobe.  And this brings us apparently into a “season of renewal”.  I know - I also thought we just had one of those 5 minutes ago and, in spite of all the decluttering updates I subscribed to, the good intentions and a shiny new notebook, I can’t say much changed. But it’s ok - we have another chance to refresh and reset!  And another new notebook!

As I waved my youngest off for her first day at senior school, it felt as if one stage of being a working parent had come to an end.   Both daughters are now relatively independent - they don’t need dropping off and collecting from school or shipping out to afterschool clubs.  We have weathered the first week of big school and, by the end of it, youngest daughter had found new friends and lost her bus pass.   I guess that’s the right way round at least.  

I feel slightly guilty to admit that I’m not sad to wave farewell to the primary school years.  It was lovely while it lasted and, as you do as working parents, we managed somehow to navigate it all, but both my daughters and I were ready, when the time to transition to senior school arrived, to move on, ready for that next challenge.  Refresh and reset.

I also have a transition at work - nothing major, but my former supervisor has retired and so now I have a new partner to report to.   I will miss my former boss, but I’m ready for the change and look forward to working with someone with a new perspective.  At least, that is me with my positive pants on.  In my more negative moments (this Monday morning for example) a little bit of me sighs at having to embrace a new person’s working style, show enthusiasm for their “innovative” new ideas (and not mention that we’ve already tried that approach at least three times) and explain again which are my non-working days.  But of course that’s not the attitude.  I’ll be using that same bright smile and enthusiasm that I’ve had to employ to get my kids up and out of the house each morning – it’s another exciting day! full of new challenges!! and new people to get to know!!!  I may also need to pop out to get myself a shiny new notebook while I’m at it.  

Ally is a lawyer working 3 days a week in the City (via the spare bedroom), with 2 amazing and entertaining daughters aged 10 and 12.


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