Peace's blog: Summer of gluttony

"Mummy, there's nothing in the house!"

As some parents may be able to relate to, sometimes it feels as though children's appetites grow exponentially at certain times of the year, specifically over the holidays. 

After having completed three times the usual weekly shopping in what seems to be in as many days, it's surprising that the fridge and biscuit cabinet looks rather bare. Although, we have an additional resident in the form of our summer aupair, let's call her Irene.  Irene has been helping with some of the childcare and teaching the children additional languages as part of our summer holiday plan. However, this has had a negligible impact on the grocery shopping. From observation, as a health conscious millennial, Irene appears to only consume healthy homemade smoothies and avocado on toast with tomatoes. 

Therefore, there must be another explanation for why the fridge and snacks cabinet are bare. Even with trips to the local park, plenty of garden time (as the weather permits), other activities and some TV time, it does appear that somehow the children seem to manage their self-diagnosed boredom with eating and over snacking. Naturally, as a concerned parent who wants to avoid the children getting out of shape over the holidays, I decided to explore ideas for keeping the kids entertained whilst also ensuring healthier variety of snacks in the house. So far the latter is working, depending on how you look at it - the children appear to be less interested in the healthier snacks and thus snacking less overall - so healthy either way. In my next blog I'll be sharing some of these ideas about keeping the children productively engaged over the holidays. 

Peace is a proud working mother with a hands on and supportive husband also in the city, together they have "almost achieved" a work-life-work balance with their children all under 9 years old. She has worked in the City for 14 years full time, mostly in investment banking, recently as Head of Operational Risk for a leading Insurer, and now as a Senior Manager in Risk for a leading Investment management firm.


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