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Katie's blog: Still embracing it!

Date 10th Aug 2020 Comments 0 Comments

I wrote my last blog for Cityparents back in April at the start of lockdown. At the time I wrote about how I had decided I would embrace lockdown and how I planned to stick to a routine. Reading that... Read More

Addy's blog: Climb every mountain

Date 3rd Aug 2020 Comments 0 Comments

I’ve been mulling over what to write in this blog for over a week now. Do you want to hear about where I am in my cancer journey (or my brother and mums)? Do we want more Coronavirus/lockdown s... Read More

Caroline P's blog: Lockdown life

Date 23rd Jul 2020 Comments 0 Comments

I started lockdown feeling really enthusiastic. I saw it as a challenge, and an opportunity. I would get my work done around the kids’ needs; I’d be invested in their home schooling, and ... Read More

Caroline's blog: Being real

Date 3rd Jul 2020 Comments 0 Comments

This morning we enjoyed some glimmers of normality (and a quiet house) as our second child was welcomed back to his primary school. Lockdown with two parents working from home, two extrovert pri... Read More

Angel's blog: Smelling the Roses

Date 4th Jun 2020 Comments 1 Comments

Lockdown has been an experience to remember. As it threw people out of their usual routine, I’ve been able to notice a number of interesting and positive changes. In eight years of living in my... Read More
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