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Tom's blog: Degrees of exhaustion

Date 8th Dec 2014 Comments 0 Comments

I read an article in the Evening Standard last week about Karen Blackett, who's an inspiration for all sorts of reasons (CEO of MediaCom, OBE, first business woman to top the UK Powerlist, makes ... Read More

James' blog: Less is more

Date 25th Nov 2014 Comments 0 Comments

I recently returned to work after a summer of bliss spent looking after my young daughter.   The time that I took off work coincided with the end of my wife's maternity leave, and so ... Read More

Tom's blog: The F word...

Date 14th Oct 2014 Comments 0 Comments

I started to get itchy feet the other day and began looking at other jobs. Unsurprisingly, there were no ads saying "Senior City lawyer required by first rate firm. Ideal candidate will arrive l... Read More

Citydad's blog: Part-timer?

Date 2nd Sep 2014 Comments 0 Comments

After four months on paternity leave, the thought of having to go back to work full time, and miss out on being with the kids, was depressing. Did it really have to be like thi... Read More

Tom's blog: Milestones...

Date 18th Aug 2014 Comments 0 Comments

This month is an important milestone in our house. When our first child turned two, we had our second. When our second child turned two, we had our third. When our third child turns two next week, we... Read More

James's Blog: The Toughest Job

Date 4th Aug 2014 Comments 0 Comments

"I’m three months into a four-month sabbatical during which I have been looking after my one year-old daughter.  During my daughter’s first year I worked crazy hours; only occa... Read More
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