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James's blog: Reassessing

Date 26th Jan 2016 Comments 0 Comments

Reading recent blog posts, it seems that many Cityparents are viewing the new year as an opportunity to reassess their current working arrangements as part of the continued search for their preferred... Read More

Bob's blog: Firsts...

Date 22nd Dec 2015 Comments 2 Comments

So. First blog, first marriage, and now we are expecting our first child. 2015 has been a busy year. And 2016 is set to be quite busy too. Small matter of the birth (most likely early February),... Read More

Tom's blog: Agile working success?

Date 19th Oct 2015 Comments 0 Comments

Earlier this year, my firm rolled out an agile working policy to allow everyone in the London office to work at home once a week. I thought I'd share a few observations about the firm's exper... Read More

City Dad'sblog: Am I a good Dad?

Date 25th Aug 2015 Comments 0 Comments

Am I a good Dad? The Million-Dollar question! My blogs aim to encourage working dads to spend more time with their kids. They are only young once and you don't want to be lying on your ... Read More

James's blog: The Weekend

Date 6th Jul 2015 Comments 0 Comments

Some time ago my wife mooted the idea of the two of us having a weekend away; just the two of us, without our daughter.  I must admit that I can't quite fathom why she would want to spend ti... Read More

Citydads Blog: Escaping the City

Date 15th Jun 2015 Comments 2 Comments

Ok, just to be clear I'm not planning to escape the City. Not yet at least. However it seems a lot of people are trying to for various reasons, but many are unable to or find it difficult to... Read More

Tom's blog: Downtime

Date 1st Jun 2015 Comments 2 Comments

We're spending half term on holiday in a part of rural France we love and the weather has been unseasonably hot, which left me facing a dilemma this afternoon: Should I pour myself another glass ... Read More

James's blog: Holidays

Date 18th May 2015 Comments 0 Comments

I'm writing this blog while on holiday.  I've been looking forward to this holiday for ages; becoming giddier with anticipation and excitement as it approached in a way that hasn't h... Read More
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