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Lawrence's blog: In-Law behaviours.

Date 22nd Aug 2016 Comments 0 Comments

Our working parent household is one that has, after three and a half years started to function with a certain degree of normality. I seem to be able to bundle the child out of the door for nursery a ... Read More

James's blog: Spreadsheets

Date 14th Jun 2016 Comments 1 Comments

Shortly after Christmas I handed my notice in to move to a smaller City firm.  My old employers were fairly sanguine about my resignation.  They knew that I had struggled with the conflicti... Read More

Bob's blog: Starting SPL

Date 3rd May 2016 Comments 1 Comments

I am sitting writing this in a Tesco's Costa at Royston, North Herts, which is a little removed from the business glamour of Canary Wharf, my usual work place. Our little boy, who is fa... Read More

James's blog: Consistency

Date 5th Apr 2016 Comments 0 Comments

As I’m sure is the case with many professional couples working in the City, it is quite rare for our little family to spend much time with all three of us together.  My wife doesn’t ... Read More

James's blog: Reassessing

Date 26th Jan 2016 Comments 0 Comments

Reading recent blog posts, it seems that many Cityparents are viewing the new year as an opportunity to reassess their current working arrangements as part of the continued search for their preferred... Read More

Bob's blog: Firsts...

Date 22nd Dec 2015 Comments 2 Comments

So. First blog, first marriage, and now we are expecting our first child. 2015 has been a busy year. And 2016 is set to be quite busy too. Small matter of the birth (most likely early February),... Read More

Tom's blog: Agile working success?

Date 19th Oct 2015 Comments 0 Comments

Earlier this year, my firm rolled out an agile working policy to allow everyone in the London office to work at home once a week. I thought I'd share a few observations about the firm's exper... Read More
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