Looking for something different?

If you want to engage your employees in new and meaningful ways, then Cityparents can help you to do this. 

We can share with you our network expertise, our insights into the concerns and interests of working parents across the City, and our cross-industry knowledge of best practice HR policies. We will work with you to create a tailored solution that supports your business and your employees.

Are you looking for a partner for an internal event? We can source fantastic external content or talk to your audience ourselves, sharing our own perspectives on issues facing working parents in the City.

Do you want to understand more about the challenges experienced by working parents? Talk to us to hear more about the findings of our extensive annual survey and feedback from our events. 

Are you planning on launching a new internal employee network? We are network experts and can work with you design a cohesive vision for your network, plan a fantastic launch event and put in place a schedule and agenda that supports your business and your employees. 

Want to revitalise a flagging internal employee network? We can work with you to identify problem areas, will propose a strategy to refocus and revitalise your network, discuss how to address employee communication and messaging, and plan together a successful re-launch.

Are you thinking about refreshing your HR policies to better support your working parent employees?  We can help you review your current policies, share our knowledge of current City practices across different HR policy areas and recommend ways of improving awareness and take-up across your employee population.

Please contact us to find out more - we look forward to hearing from you.


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