Have you considered becoming a mentor?

Being a mentor is often prompted by a desire to give something back, perhaps as a result of having been mentored oneself. It is a great way to share learning and expertise, build relationships outside of our usual circles and can even help promote change within our organisations, and beyond. As well as enabling us to connect with others outside our immediate areas of work, it can enrich us as we hear different perspectives on work, life and organisational issues. Mentoring might also help improve listening and coaching skills, enhance our professional identity and increase job satisfaction and personal motivation. Utilising these skill-sets can contribute to greater management and leadership qualities. All in all, a mutually beneficial partnership!

The Cityparents Mentoring Scheme opens annually for applications, and aims to match mentors and mentees from across the Cityparents Network. The next application window runs from 13th – 24th May. If you are interested in finding out more about it, please click here or email our Cityparents Mentoring Scheme Director - Sarah Tennant at sarah@cityparents.co.uk


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