About Cityparents

Citymothers was founded by Louisa Symington-Mills in late 2012, with the aim of providing a networking forum for working mothers. In April 2014, Cityfathers was launched to provide a similar offering for working fathers. In November 2015, the website was rebranded Cityparents to reflect our fully inclusive ethos and the diversity of our member base. 

We are a friendly network for City parents - our current membership base includes over 8,000 legal, finance and accountancy professionals - who want a progressive career and a balanced family life.

We organise regular professional networking events in the City of London and Canary Wharf at family-friendly times - typically lunchtime - for members to meet other working parents and to hear relevant, high quality content, in a fun and encouraging environment.

Managing a tough City job with young children at home creates numerous challenges; from finding a childcare solution that suits you, your working hours and your budget; to dealing with your colleagues' expectations; to considering flexible working options to enable you to find that elusive work/life 'balance'.

We understand these issues, and offer our members access to practical resources, inspiration and motivation, and peer support. Join us now for full access to our Member site. 

For more information about Citymothers & Cityfathers, please email us here